Saturday, July 15, 2006

helped to improve the lives of the Iraqis

* via tomdispatch:
In a recent Washington Post-ABC poll, 68% of Americans said that the U.S. war against Iraq has "helped to improve the lives of the Iraqi people.""

* xymphora:
"Many of us have been saying that this kind of escalation (israel/ palestine /lebanon) is the inevitable result of the grim racist logic of Zionism, and have, for our prescience, been called names like ‘anti-Semite’. Everyone ought now to be giving the apologists for Israel all the disdain they so richly deserve. These outrages were predictable, and predicted, and flow directly from the lies told by those who try to make the case for Israel."

* speaking of tom friedman

from the good folks at GYWO


rimone said...


oy...terrorists under the bed, lying in wait to bust a cap in your ass (or maybe that's blacks? no matter, someone's always waiting to 'get' you), immigrants taking your job, gays just waiting to fuck up your marriage...

hold me, Lukery, i'm all a-skeered! waaaaahhhhhhh!

i thought Michael Moore laid it out brilliantly in 'bowling for columbine' when he established that US news media was all about imparting fear to everyone, something i'd never thought of before.

In a recent Washington Post-ABC poll, 68% of Americans said that the U.S. war against Iraq has "helped to improve the lives of the Iraqi people.

i wonder if the poll asked what TV station these jokers got their news from. (just sayin')

lukery said...

read this re fear.

i can kinda understand the logic of using fear in a campaign - the problem is when it happens ALL THE TIME. the collective damage must be uncountable.

although as josh notes in his recent Time article, we've barely had a terror scare since nov 5, 2004 - and now we are drowning in them.

good question re news sources, but when we are at "68% of Americans", i think the only safe guess is "domestic sources" - which kinda says it all...

LeeB said...

We're drowning in terror scares because the bozos have to get ready for the November elections. They have absolutely NO imagination. A bunch of Johnny One Notes.

BTW, from what I hear on the interviews with John Dean, his new book explains the fear mongering of the neocons AND it explains why the tactic doesn't work with liberals. Gotta go get that book!

lukery said...

"They have absolutely NO imagination"

if it aint broke...

i saw the Dean/Olbermann interview (c&l have it) - pretty good. i wonder why libs dont fall for that shit - probably becuase we all have IQs about 100

LeeB said...

At least 100 . . . 'cept for those of us without enuf sense to go get some sleep at 2:00 a.m.!!

The typical neocon must be right around room temperature.

(Thanks for posting the photo, Luke. It's one of my favorites. I have no idea who she is and wonder if her grandson is okay.)

rimone said...

yep, no imagination and w/all the suckers out there, no motivation to change their tune.

lukery said...

leeb - thnx! yep - that was sposed to be 'above' 100

and that'd be 'room temperature CELSIUS,' right.

LeeB said...

". . . room temperature CELSIUS!!


. . . wish I'd thought of that . . . :-)