Friday, July 14, 2006

i'm scared outta mine.

* im watching stupid Fox covering the new war - and they were 'going' to do a live scene at some place in israel - and then 'one minute before' they were going to go live, a bomb hit an apartment building - and there are about 20 ambulance and police types - and they are walking an old woman up the street towards an ambulance - and they were reporting breathlessly, but there was hardly anyone in the scene - there was nobody else come out of the apartment building, and a very occasional pedestrian looking on with curiousity... more breathless reporting, saying that they were going to treat the woman for hysteria - and 'this is what these missiles are for! they terrorize people! - they were invented in the 1930s so they arent very targetted - but they're good at terrorizing! - the scene still looks normal, and then the foxhead gives it away: "one sad thing is that the israelis are really good at is cleaning up quickly."! he really said that.

and then bibi comes on from a studio somewhere and says that his biggest concern is that some people think they are using disproportionate force. and then Fox had to chop off bibi for an ad cos he came in late!

it'd be funny, but.... i'm scared outta mine.

update: the idiots in the studio asked what the sense of the street was and the guy replied 'i can't do a scientific poll - but the sense is that 'we should cash in our 'moral-card' and destroy the enemy.'


(he actually used a term like our 'moral-gout-out-of-jail-free' card or something)


Kel said...

Well covered, Fox do cover non events as if the sky is falling in.

And did Bibi tell us that this is the proof why disengagement will never work?

You can write the script for these guys before they even appear.

lukery said...

thnx kel - nice to see you

it was damn! spooky to watch