Friday, July 14, 2006

Maybe pete hoekstra was correct

* ftr, you may remember that sibel asked that her previous judge (Walton) to recuse himself because his financial records were all secret and redacted. the new judge who just sacked her case is somewhat similar. According to judicial watch, judge collyer hasnt filed since 2003 (although i suspect that is a judicial watch issue), and for some reason all of the 'asset value' and 'asset income' columns have been redacted.

* from
"DefCon America is dedicated to combating the growing power of the religious right on all fronts, including their assault on stem cell research.

The Senate will cast a crucial vote on Tuesday. I hope you'll take a moment to urge your Senators to vote for stem cell research."

science is for pansies.

* AP:
"The State Department is recovering from large-scale computer break-ins worldwide over the past several weeks that appeared to target its headquarters and offices dealing with China and North Korea, The Associated Press has learned.

Investigators believe hackers stole sensitive U.S. information and passwords and implanted backdoors in unclassified government computers to allow them to return at will, said U.S. officials familiar with the hacking. These people spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the widespread intrusions and the resulting investigation."
are they telling the truth or lying and trying to scare you or c) laying some found work for some crazy shit? Maybe pete hoekstra was correct!

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