Monday, July 03, 2006

im so glad im not james carville

* kathleen via email:
I gotta go work for Ned, we met today, that was fun, he's coming to my town next sat to an event I suggested to his office. thousands of people come.

Debate with Lieberman this Thursday night in Hartford. They're planning a lot of watching parties, but I think they better pack the place full, inside and out. I don't think they realize everybody is watching this match and the press, when you have a real senator, is overwhelming. I'm nervous. I don't know if anyone is doing position papers, or how he prepared for a debate. need that crowd. Off I go to see what I can stir up. I asked them if they could get a headquarters around here and they said yes in a week or so, soooo that'll be too much. gotta help pick out the place.
ummmm does kathleen totally rock?

btw - i have some lieberman stuff to post from sibel's dirtydozen. if lamont wants any whistleblowers up there to support his case that leiberman is a WATB, we can make it happen. yay, rootz!

also from kathleen:
got to ask Cong. Rob Simmons today about the Marine One contract because Sikorski is here in CT. that was interesting. I'll get to that later. raised his eyebrows when I mentioned the yellowcake deal and our ambass to Italy during that time at mary maitlins house last week for libby's fundraiser, he gave me his card,and told me to come to his home office. I made him laugh even though I was saying something bad about Bush. it was about riding one of those new marine one helicopters when he leaves office cause bush said he wanted to do that. Simmons laughed and said finmeccania is not meeting the specs or the deadline, so he said I don't think he'll get to do that. I said, yeah especially if he leaves sooner, rather than later, raised eyebrows again.
(recent reports suggest that finmeccania got the helicopter account as payback because SISMI organised the niger forgeries - also, weldon is a finmec beneficiary. his daughter works for them)

yay kathleen.

(im so glad im not james carville)


rimone said...

yes, kathleen really rocks. :-)

Kathleen said...

Shucks guys, now I'm gonna get all bashful.