Monday, July 03, 2006

more sibel, again

btw - interview went great with sibel. will be typing that up in the next few days. it was a coupla hours - so it will probably take me a while (!) to transcribe. the whole interview was about the whistleblowers dirty dozen, not about her specific case.

one of the criteria for the 'dirty dozen' was that all of these people are facing elections in november.

there was some very interesting hillary-related stuff that i didnt know - and some of the other races will be of interest to the blogosphere - particularly lamont/lieberman, santorum, hastert/laesch and a few others.

(i've been a bit busy organising and researching this interview the last couple of days. apologies for being behind on responding to emails and comments etc )

i should also have some other interesting sibel-related posts in the next week or so as well. depending on how i'm going, i might hold them off till next week with the holidays and such this week.


Anonymous said...

tease ; )

- Jiminy Cricket

Miguel said...

It increasingly looks like Lieberman will run as an Independent should he lose the Democratic primary. And unfortunately, 'ol Joe would have the advantage as a lot of Republicans would vote for him.

Still, we've got to try to send Mr. Lieberman to political obscurity.

lukery said...

miguel - yeah - Leiberman ought be toast. banished. it would be a good lesson for others.

did u see woodruff and schumer discussing it on mtp?

Miguel said...

No. Chuck Schumer and Judy Woodruff? (excuse my ignorance, but I can't stand Tim Russert's face anymore and never watch MTP.

lukery said...

heh. i watch punkinhead under sufferance. but he was away, and judy was hosting. it was the most interesting mtp ever.

i'll fp the relevant bit

Kathleen said...

Let's keep our feet on the ground kids. Lieberman is well liked, even if Bush is not. This is not to say that people are not disturbed and in a quandry, but that Dem machine is going to be pushing reeeeely hard not to have to face that nasty dilemna on 8/9.

Don't be surprised if Joe L. doesn't start quacking like a duck again real soon to placate some waiverers. CT. has the highest per capita defense dollars of any state, so bread and butter is a real consideration.

Course there's that Marine One contract that got away from a CT. company.

And CT. has the LOWEST approvasl ratings for Bush, 24%, so it's a real squeeeeker.

I hope we don't get into another Howard Dean type deal where we're flying on the Awesome Blogginess of it all, but the machine shows up in force to pack the polls.

Wonder what odds Jimmy the Greek would lay on this one?

lukery said...

wise words.

"And CT. has the LOWEST approvasl ratings for Bush, 24%"
perhaps that should go on the car license plates and tourism brochures there