Monday, July 10, 2006

italy wins on penalties

italy wins on penalties
congratulations, italy.

zidane sent off :-(


Kathleen said...

Viva L'Italia!!! Now, if they can be just as tenacious and succesful in Court on their investigations of the Niger forgeries and other skullduggery, I'll be happy.

Teemu said...

Red card was worth the wait! Eight years ago, Zidane pulled similar (but much worse) stunt in pre-WC warm-up match against our team. Being a low-profile match with no cameras, he totally got away with it. Of course, when he proceeded to lead France to victory in WC, I was boiling mad. Now he got what he deserved (and maybe a bit of extra, too.)


This shouldn't be here, but maybe it makes some disappointed Frenchman a bit happier: (flash video), click "Katso"

(it's about betting on soccer and other sports)

lukery said...

teemu - i didnt know that about zizou - his behaviour today was a disgrace.

(and i always wondered what 'katso' meant!)

kathleen - fingers crossed.

lukery said...

teemu - i used to have an up-close view of sports-betting. it's not very pretty.