Sunday, July 09, 2006

abducted by aliens

advance warning - my upcoming sibel 'dirty dozen' piece is actually really long. i might also add some supporting posts to that, which might be without context - but i might need to post them in advance so that i can link to them from the major piece. similarly, given that the major post will be so long, i havent quite decided how to handle it. i might post the whole thing at one, or i might break it down into installments. similarly, i might post the whole thing in it's entirety, but also duplicate say, the hillary element, and the lieberman bit into separate posts. so if you read something and think 'hey - lukery is plagiarizing himself - i sure i already read that' - well, be warned in advance.

similarly, if you note a change in my 'blog voice' from 'thesemurderousfuckingliars' to 'Ms Edmonds respectfully notes that Senator Lieberman seems to be suggesting that...' - it doesn't necessarily mean that i've been abducted by aliens (it doesn't mean that i haven't been abducted by aliens, mind you. I'm just sayin' that it isn't proof)


rimone said...

please post it in bits. *whine*

and if you /are/ abducted, don't leave w/o me. :-)

lukery said...

i won't leave without you my friend. i hear the view is terrific.

(i may have to post the whole thing in full - sorry bout that)