Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lebanon has a right to defend itself

* jane:
"The new Rasmussen poll is out today, showing Lamont ahead of Lieberman 51-41 in the primary and tied 40-40 in a three way."
I wonder if Fox will still call it a 'statistical dead heat'

* frankrich (unleashed):
"Sam Brownback, the Kansas Republican who led the Senate anti-stem-cell offensive and sees himself as the religious right’s presidential candidate, has praised the idea of limiting the number of eggs fertilized in vitro to “one or two at a time.” A Kentucky state legislator offered a preview of coming attractions, writing a bill making the fertilization of multiple eggs in I.V.F. treatments a felony. ROFL!"
(i'm not sure whether 'ROFL' was in the original, or if that was editorial from the unleasher. i suspect the latter)

* billmon is grumpy:
"What we are dealing with here, in other words, are some truly useless idiots. And this country -- and this world -- have far too many of those already."

* simon:
"This blog notes that the Kelly Investigation Group (KIG) have re-opened their investigation into some of the anomalies surrounding the death of Dr Kelly with the establishment of two new blog sites.

These can be found at: and at:
Their previous work can be found archived at:

* Simon also notes that it was Dr. Kelly's anniversary during the week. I, for one, never believed for a minute that Kelly actually killed himself. (I think Simon disagrees)

* galloway via kathleen:
"Imagine if Lebanon destroyed every bridge in Israel, blew up the international airport, blockaded the ports, severed every arterial road, ordered people to leave their homes and then bombed them to pieces when they did... Do you think any Western leader would utter the words “Lebanon has a right to defend itself”?

This is the basic truth that every news bulletin seems designed to obscure. It is the reality that is enraging hundreds of millions of people across the globe as Israel launches its barbaric action against the people of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip."

* drum :
" In our daily lives, we fear seemingly random violence (terrorism, kidnappings) more than we fear known threats (car accidents, bathtub drownings), even if the known threats are actually more objectively dangerous. Perhaps that's what's going on here. While a threat from NARAL or the Club for Growth is a known quantity that can be dealt with, no one has quite figured out what sorts of things might set off a blog lynch mob. If you knew, you could craft some clever plan to triangulate around it, but if you don't, you have to watch every word that comes out of your mouth, always in terror that you might say the one thing that gets them screaming for your head on a pike."


Don said...

If the Lebanese army engages Israeli troops on their soil, in defence of their homeland from a foreign invader (and they've said they will), what will the world say then?

CW suggests that the Israeli Defence Force would make short work of them, and with the Lebanese Air Force existing pretty much on paper, I'm inclined to agree. But is Israel ready to fight a regular army and an irregular force (Hizballah) at the same time? This is gonna be ugly.

Don said...

From an article at Lebanon's Daily Star, "Turkish Army kills 4 PKK fighters after warning to Washington", a real cute quote:

"Washington has warned Turkey against unilateral cross-border action, drawing angry accusations from Erdogan that it is using double standards in the region - a reference to US support for Israeli offensives in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

How's that thing about glass houses go again?

damien said...

..there's no logic, is there? coherent foreign policy, nothing...just a combination of Zionist interests and US thievery. total.fucking.assholes.

there's a long way to go before we see the end of this criminality.

lukery said...

i just wanna cry. again. or, more. or, still.

the present is a disaster, and the future looks much worse.


Simon said...


I, for one, never believed for a minute that Kelly actually killed himself. (I think Simon disagrees)

A deeply sad and complex affair admittedly, but I think the powers that be (in Britain at least) would have had other ways to hold onto their version of truth without stooping to outright murder. I fully agree that there are quite a few questions without answers about this case, and that some of these would lead folk who have a great distrust in their/our government to firstly suspect and then to believe in the worst possible scenario. I withold my final judgement because to take a position on the unknown is to make a leap towards faith. My heart may tell me one thing whilst my head tells me something else. My gut is another place, it tells me that there is more to this than meets my eyes. I seek that further enlightenment.

lukery said...

simon: I seek that further enlightenment.

good luck on your journey. i hope that we learn the answer. we're countin on you.

perhaps the answer is somewhere between murder-by-govt and suicide.

Simon said...


perhaps the answer is somewhere between murder-by-govt and suicide.

Not sure about that but more are becoming less-than-convinced of the official line by the day:

Will we ever be told the truth...

...In the light of all this, the coroner's decision not to resume the inquest into Dr Kelly's death because there were 'no exceptional circumstances' appears totally unsustainable. A full inquest is now imperative to get to the bottom of this disturbing mystery once and for all.

lukery said...


apparently some shenanigans with Baker's files too.

DuctapeFatwa said...

Thank you for saying the words:

Lebanon has a right to defend itself.