Thursday, July 20, 2006

mission creep

* laura:
"Speaking today at the Washington Institute, Ltn. Gen. Moshe Yaalon, former chief of staff to the IDF, said the reason Israeli casualties have been so low is people follow the instructions of their Home Security office for staying in doors or in bomb shelters, and that the 700 rockets Hezbollah has launched into Israel are not very accurate. He also said that the current operation is not only about militarily degrading Hezbollah's capabilities, but showing the high cost that will be paid for harboring Hezbollah and Hezbollah's provocations."
mission creep

* clemons:
"Figuring that Iraq has a little less than 10% of the U.S. population, the proportional death rate of something like 9/11 is ocurring ON AVERAGE every three days in Iraq."

* clemons:
"But the most important take-away from (soros') book is that American democracy is in serious trouble. While the terminology I prefer to use is that George Bush and a long list of winners have benefited from taking America into a "high-fear" environment, Soros writes that the "Global War on Terror" is a false, cynically contrived metaphor that Bush and his team have used to exploit the fear and insecurity of Americans to justify anything they want to do -- without serious challenge or oversight."

* rimone has the next chapter in Blinky's auto-biography.

* via atrios:
"The controversial video of the burning World Trade Center towers in a television campaign ad for Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine is doctored, U.S. News has learned. The television spot, which has been lambasted by critics as a political exploitation of the Sept. 11, attacks Democrat challenger Rep. Sherrod Brown for being weak on national security."

* jesusgeneral:


damien said...

Cynthia McKinney is having her votes stolen.

She also has a nice 9/11 coming out noted by 9/11blogger:

“Some people think by repeating something that’s not true makes it so. Just repeating a lie doesn’t make it true,” McKinney said.

“I’m the one who tells the truth. On what George Bush knew about 9/11. I put my body against the war machine, against the wheels and the levers of the machine. And I said you’ve got to stop it.”

“We believe in the power of the people over special interests every time. I have a strong and uncompromising position against the war machine. It is outrageous [US Secretary of Defense] Rumsfeld can go before Congress and say $2,500,000,000,000 [2.5 trillion dollars] was lost and our children are suffering.”

“I have said [much] about this and so much more... The Carlyle Group... The defense contracts of Haliburton. I don’t mind speaking truth to power.”

“I’m asking the people of the 4th Congressional District to stand with me now... who think America is on the wrong track and think America can do better.”

“Quite frankly, we’ve been in this place before, but you know what? It is impossible to keep a good woman down. I intend to fight the good fight. I will continue to tell the truth. I will challenge anyone who tries to destroy anything [I’ve built]. This battle is now engaged. We intend to win.”

Cynthia McKinney is total class.

damien said...

Florida has just become the first state to outlaw historical interpretation in public schools. According to the new law “American history shall be viewed as factual, not as constructed.” No chance for confusion here. There's a right history and a wrong history.

...please tell me it moved by Gradgrind and seconded by Fagan.

lukery said...

thnx for the mckinney thing. i dont really have an opinion on her - but i guess they attack her for a reason

“American present shall be viewed as factual, not as constructed.”

Kathleen said...

Clemons, Soros, McKinney give my faith in saving our Democracy a much needed whiff of oxygen. John Dean too.

Being here in CT. sure is a roller coaster ride, electorially speaking.

Lieberman has done nothing to warrant any help from the National Dem Committee. Quite the contrary, in my book. Yet some in the party are doing "the straddle". It's a new sidestep, which lets them support a fellow incumbent, regardless of his lapel pin.

Bill Clinton coming is a big barf, but then Lamont owning 50,000 shares of Halliburton is a headbutt too.

Meanhwile, an anti-Bush Republican woman, Diane Urbin is running, so there will be a primary in both parties, plus a potential independant Dem REEEject and a Greens party candidate, Ralph Ferrucci.

Urbin's candidacy would mean that even if Joe Lieberman was nominated by the GOP, he'd still have to primary an antiBush candidate.

The League of Women Voters always sponsors a Senatorial Debate, with all the candidates, including the minor parties. I'm curious how each of them will answer the question of their position on the Pre-emptive Strike Doctrine.

I'm really disturbed by reports that Lamont owns shares in Halliburton. Those shares went up 200 fold thanks to all those grubby no bid contracts and their fraud. That's blood money in my book and war profiteeering is just not okay with me, no way, no how. I hope there is some mistake about the Halliburton shares. That's a real conflict of interest when it comes to being anti war.