Thursday, July 20, 2006

Machine Vote-Flipping Claimed in McKinney Primary

* i havent heard my tv mention that israel exploded a hospital in lebanon, the country's largest dairy farm, Liban Lait; a paper mill; a packaging firm and a pharmaceutical plant, and a church.

* athenae:
I am often angry with our elected officials. I am often disappointed. I am sometimes thrilled. I am nearly always impatient with their focus on the trivial and symbolic over the real, with their inability to sell any message that isn't pre-sold.

Today, in the face of this, I am ashamed."

* APN :
"Machine Vote-Flipping Claimed in McKinney Primary"

* APN :
McKinney said: “I’m the one who tells the truth. On what George Bush knew about 9/11. I put my body against the war machine, against the wheels and the levers of the machine. And I said you’ve got to stop it.”

* i heard the guys on brithume scoffing at mckinney today, they even mentioned the koo-koo 911 stuff.

* josh:
"So a run-off it is. On August 8th, Rep. Cynthia McKinney goes up against Hank Johnson, Dekalb County Commissioner. And from looking at the numbers, it seems like McKinney is in a bit of trouble.
Just because Republicans often attack McKinney (sometimes in scurrilous ways) I feel like there's a tendency to run to her defense among Democratic partisans. For my part, I think folks in 4th district of Georgia could do a lot better. What do you think?"

* damien:
"Cynthia McKinney is total class."


rimone said...

yep, i wish we had more like her. the furor over the supposed thrown cellphone and the other furor over her hair just floored me but i/we should be used to this kinda idiocy by now.

lukery said...

i guess they attack for a reason...

Miguel said...

I have a different view. While I support McKinney on most issues, I think her screwups often undermine the causes she fights for. Furthermore, she is known to snub the local progressive newspaper, Creative Loafing, and NOT show up at debates, which really irks a lot of people who would otherwise support her.

So she is a highly flawed spokeswoman for the cause, and I haven't even mentioned the fact that her father is a famouse anti-semite, which has been somewhat of an embarassment to her.

Don't be surprised if McKinney loses the runoff and don't read much into it. McKinney's been given a second chance by voters in her district and they have not liked what they've seen. It does not reflect the voters becoming more "conservative" but their personal frustration with her. And of course, there is a large GOP crossover in the district which will vote for her challenger...

Kathleen said...

I wish more in Congress had Cynthia McKinney's courage to speak out on 9/11. As for her imperfections, I'll take hers over some of the others I've seen.

Does anyone microscope the bland Stepford Reps? No, but you can bet they've got a quirk or two.

Miguel said...

I agree with what you're saying, my main point is that a McKinney loss should not be interpreted as a "move to the Right" in her district. For better or worse, she rubs some progressives in her district the wrong way, and many of the votes against her are based on her personality, not on her politics.

I think her politics are exactly in line with the district she represents.

damien said...

She may do some things badly, present herself poorly or even hold particular policies the electorate might not agree with. But she has a sense for what's important to the life of democracy. And whether it's 9/11, Hallibuton, budget outrages, Iraq, war crimes or impeachment she's right on the money. And these are the things Americans just have to wake up to. There's no useful role anymore for enablers and facilitators. Whatever minor failings McKinney might possess she is the real goods on all the important issues. And she has courage and character in abundance.

Kathleen said...


I appreciate what you mean about McKinney's personality rubbing some the wrong way, but peopole who don't offend anyone are usually bland and not particularly courageous in their positions.

We are. afterall, all clay footed, reps and voters alike and the sooner voters don't allow themselves to be distracted from the important issues by an entertainment oriented media, the more likely we'll end up with reps who can lead, not just rubber stamp some pre-market tested, prechewed strategy statement.

plez... said...

The McKinney Message (although, it may be right) is usually lost in the McKinney Sideshow. I live in the Georgia's 4th Congressional District and I have NEVER voted for McKinney. I've ALWAYS voted for her Democratic opponent, because she her actions (deeds) have never been a good match with her rhetoric (words). There may be a kernel of truth in her speech, but the speech itself is usually mired in layer upon layer of conjecture and falsehood, that her message (of truth) is always obscured.

This voting maching flipping issue is just another ruse out of her camp to sully the election process. When she lost in 2002, it was the vile Republicans from the northern part of the District who crossed over to vote for her opponent. Since those "vile Republicans" have been redrawn into another congressional district, Ms. McKinney's cronies had to come up with another "excuse" for her election loss (she was supposed to win the primary HANDILY, that's why she didn't even bother to show up for any of the debates with her opponents).

I used the voting machines in question and before you submit your vote, you see all of your votes ... only a FOOL (or a Cynthia McKinney supporter) would click OK to vote for a name that they did not pick!

And lastly, there is going to be a televised debate next week with her run-off opponent (Hank Johnson). Cynthia McKinney has already confirmed her attendance at this debate! She's desperate. I plan to vote to ensure that she loses!