Thursday, July 27, 2006

Neocons now see Condi as an impediment

* digby:
"This is a very dangerous moment for the world. The US is showing over and over again that it is immmoral and incompetent. That is the kind of thing that leads ambitious, crazy or stupid people to miscalculate and set disasterous events in motion. The neocons have destroyed America's carefully nurtured mystique by seeking to flex its muscles for the sake of flexing them. What a mistake. This country is much, much weaker today because of it and the world is paying the price. At some point I have to imagine that we are going to be paying it too. Big Time."
* simon has lists of evidence withheld from the David kelly investigation - here and here. my fave:
"Note of phone call Judy Miller/Kelly family 20/07/03 - not for release - personal information (Thames Valley Police) /3/0239"

* simbaud:
"We would like to pinch pretty much everything on Lukery's site, but since we are legendary for our self-restraint we will settle for borrowing a link to"
yay, me.

* emptywheel picks up the story about the neocons trying to get rid of condi - and what it means:
"But for some reason, the Neocons now see her as an impediment. And if she prevents them from setting off World War III (Newt mentions WWIII again in the article), I'll take it."

* newsweek:
"Israel launched airstrikes on Lebanon in response to attacks by Hizbullah earlier this month, and George W. Bush called it "self-defense." But what to tell the Turks, who over the last week lost 15 soldiers to terror attacks launched by sepa-ratist Kurds from neighboring Iraq? Many Turkish leaders are pressing for cross-border tactical air assaults on the guerrillas. But Bush, fearing yet another escalation of the Middle East's violence, urged Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to hold off. "The message was, unilateral action isn't going to be helpful," says a senior U.S. official, describing the 15-minute phone conversation. "The president asked for patience."
By contrast, Iran last week began shelling PKK positions around Kandil Mountain on northern Iraq's Iranian and Turkish border. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also called Erdogan to assure him of Tehran's willingess to help quell the guerrillas —unlike the United States."


rimone said...

yes, yay you. :) just sitting here at Jan's trying to catch up on news before my flight back and i'm horrified even more, especially after a night of watching CNN over here. feeling even worse now after seeing the kelly/miller links but will read later when i'm home. (i forgot your addy, dude)

lukery said...

yay me. simbaud rocks.

hope your trip is going ok.


rimone said...

lol, i'm ba-aaack. i thought of you when sitting in the sanity of Maastricht and wanted to txt you to gloat ('nyah, nyah'). :-)

lukery said...

thats so sweet :-)

rimone said...

yes, i can be sweet when i wanna. :-)

what i always loved about simbaud is that the title 'king of zembla' is like an homage to my fave author EVer, Vladimir Nabokov (from his masterpiece 'pale fire').

lukery said...

ahhh - i've always wondered where the zembla thing came from (and i knew that i shuold be embarassed for not knowing)