Wednesday, July 26, 2006

sibel: I have all the evidence of a 911 cover-up

* yesterday i published an important article by mike mejia about sibel, hastert and turkey (thnx to damien for touting it) - but i've been so swamped with stuff that i haven't had a chance to comment on it.

in the comments, miguel pointed to this interview with weirdo alex jones. i'll presume that the transcript is accurate:

Alex Jones: Sibel Edmonds-- 9/11. You personally, I've heard you on other shows, I've talked to you here. All these prominent people have come out. Clearly you've said that elements of the government had the motive for 9/11. Arabs wouldn't bring down the greatest military in the world upon them. The majority of Arabs in major polls-- what 90% in foreign polls-- believe it was an inside job. What I'm ask-- now half of Americans do in Zogby polls. I'm asking you-- I mean, clearly, where does the evidence point on 9/11?

Sibel Edmonds: Well, that is the whole point, Alex. They are not letting out all the evidence. And since we don't have it to this date. It is as I was telling you, the [unintelligible] Force has been all classified. They also had 35 pages-- and this is according to Senator Graham-- the most important evidence and information on 9/11 by the Senate and House Joint Inquiry that happened in 2002 classified and 5 years later everything about it is classified. And again, you are still having people who are gagged. So this already points out that they don't want the evidence out. And they are keeping the evidence out of the public--

Alex Jones: But even if they cut evidence out of reports, we have the clear evidence of Thermite in the buildings, we have clear evidence of C.I.A. insider trading, N.O.R.A.D. standing down, U.S. troops already massed in central Asia, Bush having the launch order two days before to attack Afghanistan. I mean, Sibel, when you put all that together-- I'm asking you personally-- where does all the evidence point?

Sibel Edmonds: The evidence points to a massive government cover-up.

And that raises the question of why. Now we can answer that in so many different ways and we can speculate, but as I said, the most important thing is to stay with the facts. Not the facts that the government claims to be the facts, but the facts that are absolutely undisputed.

Alex Jones: Sibel, what I'm asking you is, in your gut, do you think 9/11 to some extent is an inside job?

Sibel Edmonds: Well, again, as I am telling you, I'm trying to tell you is, I have all the evidence of cover-up. Now, who were the people behind this? And why? And how? We don't have a definite answer. As I said, we can come up with theories, we can come up with speculation, but they do not--I mean, in my opinion, they are not facts. But also what government has been giving us, again, I don't consider those a total--you know-- total truth or fact either.

Alex Jones: Would you be surprised?

Sibel Edmonds: No. I wouldn't.

Alex Jones: You wouldn't be surprised if elements or criminal elements or private contractors were involved in 9/11?

Sibel Edmonds: No, I wouldn't be surprised.

Alex Jones: So you wouldn't be surprised like many others, because of the evidence and the cover-up you've seen, if 9/11 was an inside job?

Sibel Edmonds: At this point, I'd have to say no, I wouldn't be surprised.

Alex Jones: Do you think the evidence is leaning towards that?

Sibel Edmonds: Well, again, considering the level of cover-up and the length at which they have gone to gag people and prevent information-- this information from coming out, I would say yes.

and also this from the comments there, here's daniel ellsberg re 911:

""Very serious questions have been raised, about how much they knew beforehand and how much involvement there may have been," Ellsberg said Tuesday on the GCN radio show. (Click here for mp3.)

"Is the administration capable -- humanly and physiologically -- of engineering such a provocation? Yes, I would say that. I worked for such an administration myself."

That was the Lyndon Johnson administration, Ellsberg said, which committed "manufactured provocation" to escalate the Vietnam War.

Ellsberg called for "a very comprehensive and hard hitting investigation of a kind that we've not seen, with subpoenas, general questioning of people, and raising the release of a lot of documents."

Even worse, Ellsberg expects more fake terrorism either before or immediately after the all-but-certain U.S. invasion of Iran. And those new attacks by criminal elements within the U.S. government will lead to a police state that makes the current abuses of power by the Bush Administration look absolutely tame, he said.

He is the latest Pentagon and White House insider to question the "official conspiracy" of 9/11: that 19 Islamic fanatics living in the United States were able to cripple the world's most powerful military and attack New York City and the Pentagon.

But Ellsberg is understandably wary of some of the "red herring" 9/11 conspiracies that seem designed to confuse and anger the 45% of Americans who now doubt the Bush administration's ludicrous conspiracy.

"I have looked at a lot of that, and I'll tell you without going into it all which would take a lot of time, I find some of it very implausible and other parts of it quite solid.""

(i havent listened to that interview yet)


noise said...

I listened to the interview w/Jones. You can tell she gets annoyed with his tendency to make sweeping statements.

What is the AIPAC/US government goal?

My initial sense (subject to change) is that Israel is taking a chance. Maybe they don't have a choice or the offer is worth the risk. Something like we will supply you with military aid and keep the UN/Arab League from pressing you...BUT you have to do THIS for us.

This might be to traffic weapons all over the F'ing planet. Human intelligence on all M.E. countries. Make sure the drug money is used to further US goals in the former Soviet Republics.

Call me cynical but I don't think it's (US/Israel) a relationship based on religious reasons.

lukery said...

noise - did you listen live? or is there a link where i can hear it?

noise said...

Click the radio link on this page for the interview

lukery said...

cheers. i can only download the first few mins for some reason.

there's definitely some serious blackmail going on. i wish i had all the same videos that they have. bastards.