Sunday, July 09, 2006

new terrorist leader

* glenn:
"But this leak to the Daily News glorifies the administration and depicts them as caped crusaders protecting us from evil terrorism. And thus, the President's followers love this leak and their rage towards journalists who publish classified information -- along with their demands that they be imprisoned, or worse -- sure do seem to have evaporated into thin air."

* damien in the comments:
"...speaking of terrorists -

Egyptian newspapers are noting that al-Muhajir, also known as Abu al-Masri, has been in a Cairo jail for the last seven years.

He had recently been identified by the US as al Zarqawi's replacement in Iraq and a $5m bounty had been placed on his head. According to the US script, al-Masri trained in bomb-making in Afghanistan and in 2002 went to Iraq. An OSBL audio had also affirmed him as the new terrorist leader. (link) (link)"
wowsers. i always figured that the american annointed successor was bullshit - but now we have osama telling the same lie. that presumably means that, um, all of those osama videos are fake, just like we suspected.


oldschool said...

There's a commercial currently on TV that, to me, is quite disturbing. It shows a couple of old sports clips. In one, Michael Jordan misses a jump shot at the buzzer which would have won the game, had he only made it. He spins away in disappointment and anger, firing an air punch toward the floor. In another clip, a pass to Dwight Clark of the SF 49'ers slips past him, just grazing his fingertips - again, it would have been a game-winner, and Clark reacts as one would expect, clutching his helmet - doom and gloom.

Here's the thing - that stuff never happened. In reality, Jordan hit the shot, and Dwight Clark made "The Catch" (as it known to SF fans). At the end of the commercial, the real clips are played, showing the true, successful, outcomes. I have no idea how the bogus clips were done - they're perfect. The whole thing creeps me out immensely.

These days I react to what I hear or read with ever increasing skepticism (cynicism?). I'm not at all pleased that I now know I can't believe what I see either. I'd love to know who produced that commercial and where the technology came from - or maybe I wouldn't.

lukery said...

hmmm. quite disconcerting.

the good news is that maybe there arent three wars happening in the mid east atm.

maybe it's all make-believe - or is that make-unbelieve.

we can't even rely on words in this double-plus effed-up world.

oldschool said...

Of course, it's always possible that I really didn't see what I didn't see.

I'm beginning to feel a bit nauseous.

lukery said...

i'm with you

it's always possible that I really didn't see the evil what I didn't see. nor hear it