Sunday, July 09, 2006

'values voter' and 'divided nation' nonsense

* via fdl:
"Unlike married people, unmarried men expressed very little concern about moral values, with only 16 percent of unmarried men stressing these concerns, compared to 26 percent of married men.”
umm - 26% isnt that high when we consider all the 'values voter' and 'divided nation' nonsense. so what category of people actually does stress about 'moral values'? why have the christopaths taken over the planet.

* meanwhile:
"Moderate Republicans say a planned summer push by the House leadership on conservative causes like gun rights and new abortion restrictions threatens the re-election prospects of embattled centrists, who are key to the party's drive to hold Congress.

Frustrated and angry, they say the leadership's new American Values Agenda, a list of initiatives heavy on ideological themes, seems short-sighted and ill-timed considering that few conservatives are at serious risk in November.

"It was stupid and gross," said Representative Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut. "They have this obsession to satisfy conservative Republicans who will probably be re-elected no matter what happens. They get job satisfaction, but they are making it more difficult for me to win my race.""
But they fear that this new agenda could backfire by stirring independent voters to reject centrist candidates even if they do not totally embrace the party leadership's conservative tilt.
The unrest among House moderates reflects a seeming contradiction in the campaign strategy being mapped out by Republican leaders on Capitol Hill and at the White House: While the emphasis is being placed on rallying conservatives, many of the must-win races are in more moderate regions of the Northeast, Midwest and suburban South and West.
"If you took the top 10 to 20 targeted races, it probably helps about three of them," said Mr. Shays, who said he was so upset by the leadership's agenda that he skipped a meeting of House Republicans rather than risk losing his temper over the initiatives.
In announcing the agenda, Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois said that it would allow lawmakers to vote on basic values like the "sanctity of life" while defending the nation's founding principles.
The agenda also includes a measure to ban human cloning and one requiring that those performing late-term abortions inform women seeking the procedure that the fetus could feel pain and could receive anesthesia. House Republican leaders also plan a vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, even though it could not be adopted in this Congress because it has already been rejected by the Senate.

as i wrote yesterday:
"i'd argue that the recent gay marriage and flag burning things werent really to fire up the base, but to provide a justification when they steal the election."


damien said...

Love this from Kebo at Smirking Chimp:

Approximately 15 minutes after death, Ken Lay woke up in HELL. At first, he was terrified, but he was quickly whisked away to the Ronald Reagan region. This area of Hell was set up by Satan in 2001, from direct orders of the Prince of Darkness, Dick Cheney. Being outranked, all Satan could do was obey. It consisted of a lush estate with green lawns, fine Mahogany furnishings, the very best gormet food, cabinets of the best wines and liquors, all under a comfortable 72 degrees Farenheit. Ken Lay met Reagan, Nixon, and several others, and they were glad to see him. He was surprized when he also Met Adolph Hitler and Hermann Goering, but Barry Goldwater explained to him that Prescott Bush insisted his old buisness partners be included. Over a friendly game of Monopoly, Nixon explained to Lay that Ronald Reagan land was a pretty sweet deal, MUCH better than Nixon's first 7 years in Hell. Nixon went on to conclude the only problem with the place was the noise at the front door, as Ted Bundy and Timothy McVeigh continued to bang on the door, bodies flaming, screaming "Let me in, Dammit! I'm a REPUBLICAN!!"...

lukery said...

i hope they had their guns

guns dont kill people

rimone said...

what category of people actually does stress about 'moral values'?

i'll take 'self-righteous hypocrites' for a thou, dude.

lukery said...

all ten of em?

calipendence said...

Ken Lay says hello from hell!