Monday, July 10, 2006

No More Joe, Stupid.

* apparently Comin Down with Driftglass got a stay of execution, yay.
If Kristol were a Saturday morning cartoon instead of a Sunday morning Mover in the GOP, he would have been hilarious; cavalierly tossing around gassy, delusional advice about what we should and should not do with China like a 19th Century railroad baron talking about the fate of "his" coolies.
It is always amusing to see a slab of hair like (George) Allen form sentences out of bumper stickers and blather.
go read the rest and remind drifty that we need him on sundays.

* glenn:
" it is clear that the administration would be engaged in a whole new level of lawlessness if it continues to eavesdrop in violation of FISA even now that its only two legal justifications for doing so have been squarely rejected by the Supreme Court.
Post-Hamdan warrantless eavesdropping on the part of the administration requires a brazen defiance of the law -- even more brazen than before -- which not only has obvious implications in the realm of the criminal law, but also removes the Democrats' primary excuse for failing to stand with Sen. Feingold (censure) in support of the rule of law. Assuming that warrantless eavesdropping continues even in the wake of Hamdan, inaction on the part of the Senate now would be to endorse the President's power not only to violate Congressional law, but to act in defiance of the Supreme Court as well."

* oh jeebus. you might remember that during the lamont/lieberman they ran lieberman's advertisment - which included a shot of a 'No More Joe" bumper sticker. That struck me as
plain stupid - breaking some golden rules of marketing and persuasion that I'm familiar with. In a remarkable twist of events that astound even me, and i've seen a lot of stupid in my time, it appears that the Lieberman campaign actually designed the sticker themselves, for the campaign.

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