Friday, July 21, 2006

pros and cons of impeachment

BUSH 'PLAYFULLY' slaps Rep. Al Green at NAACP convention.

* lindorff:
"This is no time for Democrats to be crassly analyzing the political pros and cons of impeachment as a campaign strategy, the way Democratic Party leaders have been doing. Impeachment is the patriotic duty of anyone who has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution. No member of Congress should be re-elected who doesn't support putting the president in the dock."

* josh:
"A true testament to our political discourse. From WaPo: "The shift is subtle, but Republican lawmakers acknowledge that it is no longer tenable to say the news media are ignoring the good news in Iraq and painting an unfair picture of the war.""

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Kathleen said...

Lindorf, a man after my heart.

Impeahcment, a moral imperative.