Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rape Is Official Policy

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Rape Is Official Policy

by pessimist

We shouldn't think that the soldier accused of rape and murder in Iraq did anything that his own government wouldn't do!

Victorian Supreme Court [of Australia] released the transcript of evidence terror suspect Joseph Thomas gave in closed court during his trial.
Thomas had told the court that a US officer,
who he believed worked for the CIA,
threatened to rape his wife if he did not co-operate.

And let's not rule out the use of other forms of torture:

The officer threatened to send Thomas back to Afghanistan, where the latest technique to extract information was twisting testicles.

And what of murder? That is also included in his testimony:

Thomas had said Pakistani authorities threatened to execute or electrocute him after he was detained in January 2003. They said: "You must tell us the truth. We'll strip you, we'll pour water over you and electrocute you if you don't," Thomas told the court. "They didn't tell me how I would be executed, but that I would be executed if I didn't speak up."

It's kind of hard to claim to be the Good Guys, even if you wear White Hats, if the world knows how you act when the television lights are off and the reporters - even 'embedded' ones - are nowhere near.

So there shouldn't be any shock when the next revelation of bad behavior by American soldiers explodes across the world's media. They are only following the actions of their superiors - as Iraqis and Afghans know all too well.


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