Monday, July 10, 2006


* i've mentioned a few times before that i use the Opera browser (in conjunction with firefox). I love it. it has some terrific, simple functionality that is almost inexcusable for the other browsers not to offer (xymphora suggests not to upgrade beyond version 8.54). one of the features is that you can have as many windows open as you want. As you know, I've been busy with the sibel interview these past few days and haven't been doing as much reading as i'd like. As such, I've currently got 30 Opera windows open (and another 10 in firefox) with stuff that i want to read - but i'm probably going to be busy in the next few days with other (online) stuff and the backlog is getting a little imposing.

with that in mind, i'm now going to link to some of the articles that i have open in my browser and have been meaning to get to - but havent yet read - so they don't come with a lukery-guarantee (despite my place being a clearing house and all (btw - this place has been mighty self-referential lately - does that add or subtract? (thus adding another layer of self-referentialism))))))))))

* JOHN W. DEAN: "Senators Kyl and Graham's Hamdan v. Rumsfeld Scam: The Deceptive Amicus Brief They Filed in the Guantanamo Detainee Case"

* eurotrib: "Italian Spymaster Arrested - NeoCons Soil Themselves"

* eurotrib: "Via Nazionale 230"

* demnow: "Seymour Hersh: Senior Pentagon Officials Challenging President Bush's Iran War Plans"

* sy hersh: "LAST STAND: The military’s problem with the President’s Iran policy."

* raw story: "Inspector Kay testifies that degraded chemical munitions found in Iraq constitute WMD"

* chitrib: "Hastert's wealth is grounded in land" (that's how busy i am! i havent even read this)

* eriposte on the latest in italy


rimone said...

do you mean tabs open or actual windows open? tabs, right?

ps, i appreciate your being self-referential as well as others' comments which you highlight.

lukery said...

yeah - firefox call 'em 'tabs'