Friday, July 07, 2006

are you a leftist of some sort ?

* grieve:
"In a delayed reaction report from the "Did He Really Say That?" Department, the Huffington Post has unearthed a June 17 C-SPAN clip of Joe Biden chatting with an Indian-American man about the support he's received from other Indian-Americans. "In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans, moving from Indian," Biden says. "You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking!""

* grieve:
""Living conditions (in Iraq) have gotten so much worse, violence is at an even higher tempo, and the country is on the verge of civil war. The administration has been successful to the extent that most Americans are not aware of just how dire it is and how little progress has been made. They keep talking about how the Iraqi army is doing much better and taking over responsibilities, but for the most part that's not true.""
* btw - given that troll-hunting is fun, and we've had a recent episode - here's a flashback (from one of my fave email correspondents:
BTW, are you a leftist of some sort or a Conservative of some sort. From your site I couldn't tell, and that is bad
The sharing of the same mood is a pretty good social solvent and coordinate but not always easy to accomplish.
the Reds took over Hollywood in and around WW II, and are substantially still camped out there.
I see Red China, a brutal dictatorship, winning and Australia losing as things move along... Could we have a conversation about these and other things with an eye to being more effective at what we are doing."
i suckered him along for a bit (i've lost the actual exchange) but eventually he saw through me:
"Subject: Your Fucked Mind
In my opinion you are nuts. It is none of your damned business what our volunteer professional soldiers are doing in Iraq. It is their lives you are pissing all over. They are giving their lives for something THEY believe in, while you shit on their graves. Fuck off. You want my opinion, that is it.

Wake up and get some intelligence, morals and ethics, if possible. If you want to change your stupid ways and thoughts I will try to help you. Other than that forget you know me.

"We are in a war to protect your butt, and to protect Australia which I assume you give a damn about. Freedom isn't free. It has to be paid for in blood. You seem an air head that can play intellectual games with people's lives.

Our soldiers are every one volunteers and professional. And no one has any
right to mess with them. They don't want your blessing, or your sympathies,
or your wishing they were home.

They have a job to do, and you are in the way and damaging to their morale.

That is why your morals and ethics are no good. If you want to suck up to
the commies and liberals that are enemies to both Australia and America then
suck up to them and stop trying to pretend you are doing anything else.

It is your phoniness that is most annoying. Get on one side or another and stay there.

That is what to make of all this.

If you were intelligent you wouldn't be dinging our war effort. People who talk like you in time of war were shot in times past.""
i should reach out to him again to see how he's going.


damien said...

You enjoyed that Lukery....shame on you :)

damien said...

btw if you want test your 9/11 knowledge and enjoy some whimsy you can try this.

Don said...

Talk about coincidences, and contrary to other opinions, one of the strengths of this blog: it's value as a sort of "information clearing house".

While commenting in another thread, I was rooting around in Fitz's WikiPedia listing and learned that he'd been "the National Security Coordinator for the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. There, he served on a team of prosecutors investigating Osama bin Laden."

(yes, I'm still learning stuff everyone already knows... it's a steep learning curve on this crap ;) )

From a linked FAS record of his Oct. 21, 2003 Judiciary Committee testimony on Criminal Terrorism Investigations, he defends the Patriot Act's lowering of the "wall" between Intel and Criminal investigations without noting any of its more controversial aspects (e.g.: NSL's). Another particularly glaring omission considering he details numerous Al Qaeda investigations from 96 onwards, he never once mentioned 9/11 in his testimony. From his time in that postition, I wonder what he knows or suspects of the events of that day.

From Damien's site is a link to a Common Dreams piece on the acquittal of a 9/11 suspect in Germany because of US refusal to release evidence against him. Included is a typical DoJ "we're doing the best we can without helpin' the terr'ists" comment from the DoJ apologist at the time, Mark Corallo, who is now "part of [Rove's] public relations defense team." (link) and the second loudest anti-Leopold denier (after Luskin).

Ever get the feeling this whole mess was like some game of "Six Degrees of Treasonous Criminal Activity"?

Are we having fun yet? :P

Don said...

BTW, Damien, smokin' page, dude!

oldschool said...

Damien: Good Lord.

I seem to have some reading to do - talk to y'all in about a week.

btw, what is this phenomenon called a "social life" that I keep hearing about?

Don said...

Todays "G-Dub WTF Moment" brought to you by Larry King, Editor & Publisher, and the letter "Q":

Asked why the U.S. faced so many problems in the world, Bush said, "The reasons there are problems is because we confronted them."

rimone said...

You seem an air head that can play intellectual games with people's lives

?!? you intellectual airhead, you. *snigger*

lukery said...

damien, yep, i really did enjoy that! and, why not! some levity for us all :-)

rimone, yeah, where to start with people like that? he wrote me a whole bunch of long emails that were full o' gold.

lukery said...

Don - yeah, Fitz actually convicted obl on that charge.

It is interesting that Fitz didnt mention 911 - I suspect that's becuase he was just speaking of events that he had first hand knowledge of. Having said that, i too would love to spend some time in his head. He must suspect a whole lotta stuff...

and yep, corallo is one-degree away from some really serious stuff. he worked for ashcroft, and before that he was front and center of the clinton impeachment (he worked directly for livingston if memory serves.) On the eve of the impeachment Livingston was going to call it off, and corallo either talked him out of it, or went and blabbed to others (DeLay?) that Livingston was getting cold feet (am not exactly sure). Livingston had to resign the next day.
see here and here

Kathleen said...

Livingston had to resign because Larry Flynt offered $1 million to anyone who could substantiate any misconduct on the part of any elected officals.

Livingston resigned rather than have Flynt release what he had and Flynt said he did not reveal the stuff at the behest of Livingston's wife.

Bob Barr and Henry Hyde, Newt the Brewt were amoung the hypocrit culprits outed.

lukery said...

incidentally, Flynt was bluffing. he had nothing.

further, livingston admitted his adultery, and then hang on for another few days before resigning anyway

also, abramoff and scanlon were running around plotting to bring livingston down anyway - trying to get the goods for Flynt (it appears)

Kathleen said...

Team work?

lukery said...

i'd love to know. and i'd also love to know WHY this news came out when scanlon was organising his plea bargain. that suggests to me that there is some criminal under-pinnings - otherwise, why would he offer it up?