Saturday, July 29, 2006

Russ Tice subpoena story

* the Russ Tice subpoena story was picked up by AP, DemocracyNow and Raw Story and others, meanwhile the stoopid StopTheACLU has joined in

* josh:
"Is this crisis the Bush administration's doing? No, it has deep roots that go well beyond it. Would things have gotten quite this bad if the administration hadn't basically ignored these problems for six years and simultaneously blown up the Fertile Crescent? No way.

This is the Bush administration's apocalypse. We are, to borrow the phrase, just living in it. But then, that's quite bad enough, isn't it?"

* josh:
"But if you watch this passage I think you see something different. Namely, that pretty much everything that's happened over the last three years, and certainly over the last three months has just gone in one presidential ear and out the other. He is, in both the deepest and most superficial sense, out of it."

* josh:
"Hillary's senate opponent John Spencer says she must endorse John Bolton to prove her loyalty to Israel. Bolton must be quite a goy! I didn't even know he had one of our decoder rings."


Don said...

"Hillary's senate opponent John Spencer says she must endorse John Bolton to prove her loyalty to Israel.

How about her loyalty to the good ole US of A, and saying no to one of the pricks making it the laughing stock (or pariah) of the international community?

Suffrin' Jeezus, is there no rhetorical bullshit dichotomy card these two-dimensional morons won't play?

Miguel said...

"How about her loyalty to the good ole US of A"

Hey now Don. Watch out or you'll be accused of "creeping antiSemitism"!

or is that "creeping Islamofascism"?

lukery said...

don - it's really quite amazing, huh. And Hillary of all people!

there really arent any limits.

calipendence said...

Is that implying that Spencer would go against his party and not approve Bolton? I would think that the best person profitting from this, if true, and making a statement about it would be Tansini.

lukery said...

it looks like he is just trying to box her in. it appears that someone set him up to ask the question.

Kathleen said...

I'm not anti-semetic but I am anti Zionist because its militaristic chauvinism.

I think Hillary's duty in this is to be pro-Constitution and refuse to vote on Bolton's confirmation until that goddamned Unitary Asshole submits the documents requested by the SFRC, last time round.

It's a question of preserving the co-equality of the three branches of gov't and protecting the Senate's role in advising and consenting or not consenting.

Busholini thumbed his pointy beak at the whole Constitution when he subverted the Senate's role by abusing the recess provision. He should be stopped in his idiotic tracks.