Saturday, July 29, 2006

do the right thing

* emptywheel:
"In other words, one of the reasons Addington wanted Gitmo detainees called enemy combatants is because he recognized that those torturing Gitmo detainees would otherwise be at risk of prosecution within the US. Which presents a problem, now that SCOTUS has said Gitmo detainees do qualify for Geneva Convention protection. The War Crimes Act is back on the table, and the men and women implementing Addington's sadist ideas are at risk for prosecution."

* emptywheel:
"That is, on June 3, 2003, after Judy had returned from her first weapons hunting trip in Iraq, at about the same time that Judy tried to re-embed in Iraq, and just about the time the Plame leak starts in earnest, Franklin was passing information about her thoughts to Naor Gilon. While she may have passed information about Iraq (apparently the AIPAC spy scandal included information about both Iraq and Iran), the context suggests this information pertained to Iran.

That is, Franklin passed information about Judy's thoughts about (presumably) Iran's nuclear program to an agent of the Israeli government. And, apparently, DOJ believes sharing that information was relevant to an indictment relating to spying."

* billmon:
"David (Frum) should be proud of the role he played in making this foreign policy triumph possible. He should give himself a manly pat on the back. And then I think he ought to take a 45 caliber pistol, lock himself in his office, and "do the right thing.""

* watch Blinky describe his worldview. be scared.

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