Friday, July 07, 2006

self-financed neophyte

* reuters:
"Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000, took a hammering over his support for the Iraq war on Thursday in a debate with an antiwar rival whose fight for the Senate is seen as a battle for the heart of the Democratic Party.

Lieberman, who announced on Monday he would run for reelection as an independent if he loses his party's August primary, appeared on the defensive for much of the debate against Democratic rival Ned Lamont, a self-financed neophyte. "
that's just the first 2 paras. joe-nertia will choke on his corn-flakes.

however, i wonder where the term "self-financed neophyte" came from. reuters used the same term on monday. I wonder how many other newbie politicians are referred to as neophytes by reuters?

incidentally, i'll have my Dirty Dozen piece on Lieberman from Sibel ready to go on Monday. (psst - she doesn't think very highly of him)

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