Thursday, July 27, 2006

smoke the good shit

* athenae:
"So listen. No matter what district you're in, no matter the local issue, no matter the guy's local pedigree, no matter the healthcareeconomyjobs blahblahblah demographics-cakes, your race is about Republicans and Democrats.

Oh, it's not? Well gosh golly gee, whatever happened to defining the race, setting the agenda, making something an issue? SHAKE WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YOU, for fuck's sake. MAKE it about Republicans and Democrats. Make it about whether or not you're better off with them in charge of everything. Make it about how the only way to stop them is to vote for us. Make it about the war that people hate, and the troops people want home. Make it about the party that wanted to shove a feeding tube down your dying spouse's throat while taking your grandmother's social security money and cutting your kid's kindergarten funding. Make it about Dick Cheney saying you should sell stuff on Ebay. Make it about Barbara Bush laughing at Katrina victims. Make it about Geraldo, and I can't believe I'm typing this, Geraldo asking "Why can't they HELP THESE PEOPLE?" Make it about those images, because they tell every story we ever need tell about Republicans: they mock you, they laugh, and when you need them, they leave you to drown.

They have a national brand, and until now it's been a strength, that everybody who runs as a Republican seems to believe the same mishmash of bullshit. Tie it around their necks. Dump it, starving and stinking and covered in rags, on their doorstep. Make it about brand versus brand. Make it about We The People versus Minutemen Uber Alles, our congressional roster of every color and creed and their nasty old racist convention. Run the footage of Bush cackling about where those weapons of mass destruction might be, followed by the faces of the dead, followed by the face of whoever your Republican opponent is, because that's what he believes in, if he's got an R after his name. Make him deny he's a goatfucker. Make him disavow his party and then tar him with that, too, that he loved all this stuff when his team was winning, but that he can't even be craven with any kind of consistency.

Make this election about them. They're going to run away from Bush? GOOD. Let them try"
i heart athenae.

* juancole:
"Al-Zaman reports that the security situation in southern Iraq "exploded" on Wednesday. Fighting broke out between local militiamen and British forces in the provinces of Basra, Amara and Diwaniyah. Informed government sources told al-Zaman that the Shiite religious parties have formed lobbies to pressure the Maliki government over its attampts to establish security in all the cities of Iraq. The sources suggest that the military escalation coincided with the exceptional backing Maliki's government has received from the Bush administration."
* digby on Miss Condi:
"Damn, these neos really smoke the good shit, don't they? And they are so high they just keep on being obliviously wrong in exactly the same way, decade after decade.

Whether they will succeed in mau-mauing Condi and/or persuading Bush that she's making him look like a wimp is anybody's guess. He's just that stupid and he might believe it. I suspect the real problem is that Junior may not trust Uncle Dick the way he once did and that means that the neos are probably going to have to do better than this to really get their war on. The best they can hope for is that through continued incompetence and incoherence, their greatest desire --- World War III --- will start by accident."


Kathleen said...

If they were smoking the good stuff, we would be tooo. How they could help it giving them a different perspective?

Nooo, they are just high on their own misguided, illfounded sense of superiority.

lukery said...

it's certainly not a reality-based-perspective they have.