Thursday, July 27, 2006

write your own gags

* this via calipendence:
" The congressional page program is a wonderful learning opportunity for high school students to serve their country while seeing firsthand how our government works.
Selection is a very competitive process. Members select the most exceptional students with strong academic qualifications and a record of achievement in extracurricular activities or public service. The speaker of the House makes the final selection among those nominated by members.
After several weeks of working as a page, Josh told my staff that he enjoyed watching the debates on the House floor. He said that what may have surprised him the most is: "For the most part, there is no animosity. There is actually camaraderie, the conflicts extend only to policy matters."

Josh states that anyone considering applying for the page program, "should be ready to work hard." His workday began at 9 a.m. and lasted until 6 p.m., or until the House adjourns for the day - whichever is later. "
write your own gags.


damien said...

You have to work hard against the right wing press here in Australia. Nobel laureate Betty Williams cops 10 criticisms for saying she felt like killing Bush. No criticism at all for Bush who has actually killed people. (What the hell are they putting in the Kool Aid these days?)

lukery said...

What the hell are they putting in the Kool Aid these days?

same as always, i suspect.