Tuesday, July 25, 2006

sony vaio. piece of shit.

* aravosis is complaining about his sony vaio. they are officially the worst piece of shit machines i have ever had the misfortune of touching. i think mine went back to the shop 3 times. (i dont think rimone likes em either)

* speaking of, rimone has the latest re David Kelly. (simon too).
"Will we ever be told the truth...

...In the light of all this, the coroner's decision not to resume the inquest into Dr Kelly's death because there were 'no exceptional circumstances' appears totally unsustainable. A full inquest is now imperative to get to the bottom of this disturbing mystery once and for all."

* kathleen reardon:
" And I just want to be sure that if the President or someone close to him ever needs stem cells to save his or her life that he's going to refuse. Do you think that's likely? I mean, surely it won't be an issue of who can afford to pay private organizations for treatment. Right? Nah. That's just being cynical. Right?"
(kathleen has parkinson's disease, and previously cancer)

* more kathleen:
"(Bush is) a man who thinks he has it all worked out - a frightening state of mind for someone who operates in the concrete rather than abstract domain of human cognition.
When he says, "Some of these guys talk too much" about six leaders of the world, it's because he's convinced he has the whole thing under control, as if Iraq proves it. And so, anything they have to say bores him and demonstrates how out-of-touch they are. He's a man who walks and talks as if what's happening now in the Middle East got his okay and, that's all that matters. All else is diversion. He's not an evil guy; he's just the wrong guy to be carrying our futures on his shoulders -- a "decider" with extraordinary power, intolerant of information.

How did we do this to ourselves, and to the rest of the world? Frankly, it should make all of us shudder."

* sirota:
" Thankfully, (Rep. Sherrod Brown. ) isn't backing down. Instead, he's staying on the attack - and that's one of the reasons he is holding a lead in the polls against DeWine. Other Democrats would be wise to follow Brown's lead, rather than following the lead of people like Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh (D) who is using his fledgling presidential campaign to selfishly undermine his own party and reinforce tired old neoconservative lies about the outdated definition of "strength." It is time for real Democrats to be proud of their record - because their record is both a compelling campaign narrative and far more "strong" on national security than their opponents.


rimone said...

don't get me started on sony vaios--customer service was worse than shite in the states and in germany, forget it. WORST. LAPTOP. EVER.

i shouldn't dis it though cause sooner or later i'm prolly gonna be on a lent one again when i give my mac in for its ethernet problems.

regarding Kathleen R's That's just being cynical. Right?

nope. fucking hypocrites.

Kathleen said...

Shudder is exactly what Das Bush' attitude does make me do. How we did it to ourselves?

9/11 turned everyone into kneejerk chauvinistas.

lukery said...

there is much shuddering.

and it's hard to see an end to it.