Monday, July 24, 2006

soros: War on Error. That’s a good one.

* howie:
"I used to be so proud of at least one of my U.S. Senators. Now with Boxer supporting every reactionary Democrat– and like the DCCC– ignoring progressives, I’m not sure what to make out of her. At least I know I won’t be writing her any more checks. Her lustre is very much tarnished by embracing the Bush agenda through Lieberman. I’ll be interested in seeing how soon after August 8th she’s back in Connecticut doing penance by campaigning– publically and vigorously in the bright sunshine– for Ned."

* watertiger:
"Bush has progressed beyond social spasticity right into political paraparesis. "

* WUFYS has the latest 'interpretation' from CJR of the cute little girls penning their messages on bombs.

* bob dreyfuss paints a very unpretty picture about iraq.

* damien has the details of a new OBL video on its way. always nice to get a heads up in advance... don has done a little background investigating into the goons selling the story.

* soros joins in at fdl for a chat:
* Recent events in the Middle East represent a significant escalation. The war on terror has turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. What had been a false and misleading metaphor has turned into a real war. We have the Sunni insurrection and the Shiite death squads spawned by the occupation of Iraq, Hamas spawned by the occupation of the West Bank, Hezbollah spawned by the occupation of South Lebanon, not to mention other trouble spots such as Somalia. What more evidence do we need to show that the war on terror has been counter productive. Killing and mistreating civilians creates victims who turn into perpetrators.

The aggression against Israel is real and Israel has an unquestioned right to defend itself and remove Hezbollah from its borders. But using excessive force against civilian targets is counter productive and will have severe adverse consequences. While we must allow Israel to defend itself, unquestioning support for its actions will prove harmful to Israel. I am deeply worried.

* To the person asking about media– If I owned a network such as Fox I would be no better than Murdoch

* On the Connecticut Senatorial primary—I hold Liebermann responsible for uncritical support of the Bush policy in Iraq. He appeared on the White House lawn to endorse the blank check to the President when Biden and Lugar were close to negotiating a bipartisan agreement for a more restrictive resolution. That is why I contributed to Ned Lamont.

* I have seen Adam Curtis’s “The Power of Nightmares” and I too recommend it.

* War on Error. That’s a good one. Can I use it?


calipendence said...

Speaking of Murdoch, he looks to be again trying to get a monopoly of both satellite radio and television services. He earlier had XM (larger ownership by his Newscorp company) try to make a play for Sirius, before playing the exclusive Air America card on them, allowing him to keep any of us from having two progressive channels through satellite radio we used to have through Sirius.

Now he's trying to get his Newscorp-owned DirecTV to buy out Echostar Communications which owns Dish Network. If this is allowed to happen, you might expect to see progressive channels like Sundance Channel, Free Speech TV, and Link TV dropped from the merged company's offerings, without competitive pressure.

One article linked here notes that when Echostar earlier tried to buy out DirecTV, that that might have not just have been stopped due to anti-trust legislation threats then, but because Murdoch himself lobbied to stop this so that he could later have Newscorp buy DirecTV from GE instead of Echostar. SNEAKY BASTARD!

A number of the execs involved, including Murdoch, have said that "the regulatory climate has changed" since the earlier merger was attempted three years ago. Yup, they've been able to buy off more congress critters alright!

lukery said...

thnx c/p. fp'd.

i must say that i was kinda disappointed in soros' comment. he could own a network, or invest in media infrastructure. that doesnt mean that it has to be 'like fox' or that he would be 'as bad as murdoch.'