Tuesday, July 18, 2006

vote for Ralph Reed

* ralph reed's primary is tomorrow. TRex at FDL:
"So please. For Georgia. For me. Vote for Ralph Reed. I’m counting on you. We have to save the Ralph Reed campaign from, well, Ralph Reed.
Which is why he needs our help. If any of you are reading this in the great state of Georgia and can vote in the Republican primary, well, you know what you have to do. A vote for Ralph Reed is a vote for a Democratic Lieutenant Governor. It is your duty. So, go forth and vote for Ralph. It’s the right thing to do."

* jane has more on lamont. she sounds giddy with excitement.

* nyt (apparently sans irony):
"As leaders gather in St. Petersburg for the Group of 8 summit, they have a week’s worth of fresh reminders of the outsize role that small numbers of violent extremists play in fueling conflict and controlling global events."

* glenn:
" If neoconservatives are now going to argue openly and explicitly that we should intervene in this war because we have to fight with Israel against our common Islamic opponents, surely it now must be considered "responsible debate" to question to what extent the U.S.'s willingness to act in the Middle East is motivated by an excessive or unwise commitment to Israeli security. Bill Kristol and friends are again advocating an extraordinary measure -- that the U.S. join Israel in this war. A full and open debate on that topic is vital."

* via froomkin:
""Scalia's dissenting opinion gave Bush's signing statement on a Guantanamo-related law passed by Congress equal weight to statements by the bill's authors, suggesting that there is no legal difference between the views of Congress and the president about what a law means.""
i guess that's what the originalists mean by 'co-equal'


Miguel said...

"A vote for Ralph Reed is a vote for a Democratic Lieutenant Governor."

Luke, I completely disagree. If you were in pre-Nazi Germany, would you vote for Adolf Hitler against a mainstream conservative in order that the liberal candidate would have a better chance of winning? I think not. I think you would try and stop Hitler at all costs, even knowing you might have to hold your nose to vote for a right-wing candidate.

I'm not saying Ralph Reed is Adolf Hitler, but the far-right Christians are as close to fascists as you get in America. And Reed's opponent, Casey Cagle has ambition to become Governor of Georgia, while Reed has much greater goals in mind. I say, let's stop Ralph Reed in his tracks, and ensure this snake-disguised-as-a-human-being never has a hope of being President of the United States.

Then we can work to defeat Casey Cagle in the general election.

lukery said...

miguel - good point. better not to run the risk.

(having said that, TRex is a humorist)

Good luck today!