Tuesday, July 18, 2006

what could Democrats possibly apologize for?

* i really heart athenae:
"Just as Nancy's (Pelosi) best response would have been a hearty, "Oh, screw you, you lying cheating, war-crimes-committing, torture-approving, terrorist-amnesty-granting chipmunk. Why don't you go find those weapons of mass destruction if you're so concerned about our troops, and take C-Plus Augustus with you. We've got work to do," the gentle congressmen referenced above would be best off learning that if stay quiet, they'll still hit you.

Why aren't you calling on Republicans to apologize? To the families of nearly 3,000 dead in Iraq. To the citizens killed in insurgent attacks that would never have happened had we not shoved our national fist up the hornet's nest. To the reporters called treasonous for doing their jobs, to the soldiers called treasonous for opposing the war. To the families who for now and all time have an empty chair at the table, both here and overseas, because Republicans wanted to get elected and blow up some ragheads more than they wanted to fight real terrorism and deal with real problems. Why don't you call on Republicans to apologize? Why don't you call on Republicans to apologize to homeless veterans, to those struggling with nightmares and flashbacks, to the people our country really betrayed, who have never heard of this ad and never will, but who know from honoring the troops on Veterans Day and fucking 'em over the rest of the year? Where's their apology for, you know, the things that actually affect their lives, the wrongs done to them that cheat their futures and keep their children hungry?

Compared to that, what could Democrats possibly have to apologize for?"

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