Wednesday, July 19, 2006

what's gotten into the AP lately?

* Kagro X:
"It wasn't that Bush blocked an (OPR) investigation into the (NSA) program's propriety. It was that he blocked an investigation into whether or not the Justice Deparment acted properly in advising him that it was legal."

* Kagro X:
"I'm having a little trouble reading Merkel's body language. Anybody?"

* Kleiman:
"And what's gotten into the AP lately?
The (gays destroying marriage) vote was 236-187 with one member voting ''present,'' a slight improvement over the last House vote just before the 2004 election but still 46 short of the two-thirds majority needed to advance a constitutional amendment.
"Improvement"?!! There's some liberal media bias for you."
me: lately?


noise said...

More of the Specter/Gonzales transcript:

SEN. SPECTER: Well the President wouldn't have done it unless it was necessary to win the War on Terror.

GONZALES: Look Senator, I'm the biggest apologist for the President you can imagine, but I th--

SEN. SPECTER: Why don't we just get rid of the the OPR right now. They are making our President look bad.

GONZALES: I'm not sure if that is legal.

SEN. SPECTER: Legal? Legal? Come on Alberto, don't be a smartass.

damien said...

Merkel is saying "gee it's great to be demoted from a head of state to an inconsequential instance of the spare rib gender that's supposed to be grateful for any ill-timed affirmation from a miserably deficient ego...get your fucking hands off me, asshole."

lukery said...

Noise - funny. i actually had to check in case you were being serious.

lukery said...

damien, speaking of spare-ribs:
Bush: The pig? I'll tell you tomorrow after I eat it.