Wednesday, August 23, 2006

3 cheers

simon in the comments:
"Hopefully we can make you even happier today cos THE FIRST EVER LUKERY LAND MEET-UP HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE!!!!

Rimone and myself met this very afternoon in balmy Bristol, England. It was a great meeting. We chatted non-stop for close to four hours, sometimes barely pausing for breath, and I think I can speak for both of us and tell you that it was indeed the most earth-shattering of experiences!


We plan to meet again (v soon).


that's so cool. would have loved to be there.


rimone said...

truth be told, Simon did most of the talking while i prayed to my godz he wouldn't notice what a fucking dummy i am.

thank you Lukery, for making it all possible.

lukery said...

you can thnk LeeB

LeeB said...

Good grief, Lukery . . .

Who would have thought Don's curiosity about the time zone thingy, a copy of PhotoShop, and Google Images could lead to such a thing! It knocks me out how the tiniest little thing can alter what the world looks like.

lukery said...

one small step...