Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i couldn't be happier.

btw - the Global Strike Force rocks. a lot.

i can't tell you how satisfied, actualized, happy, lucky, flattered i am to know you all and have you all as my friends.

i'm also happy to announce that we will have a meat-space meet-up this very week between two of you. isn't that weird!

separately, emptywheel said:
I wouldn't be here commenting if I didn't think you guys were all really smart.
and a super-smart anon commenter emailed me
your blog is one of the few places where intelligent people are wrestling seriously with some of the knottier conumdrums.
i couldn't be happier.


profmarcus said...

did you know that wrestling with conundrums is illegal in some jurisdictions...? :)

LeeB said...

LOL! I'm not so sure about that . . . is there mud involved?

Simon said...


Hopefully we can make you even happier today cos THE FIRST EVER LUKERY LAND MEET-UP HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE!!!!

Rimone and myself met this very afternoon in balmy Bristol, England. It was a great meeting. We chatted non-stop for close to four hours, sometimes barely pausing for breath, and I think I can speak for both of us and tell you that it was indeed the most earth-shattering of experiences!


We plan to meet again (v soon).


lukery said...

profM - very funny.

simon. yay! consider me tickled pink.
(and jealous of both of you!)

Miguel said...

Hey, how about we hold the 2nd annual Yearly Lukery in balmy Bristol?

Nahh, I think it'd be better to meet in sunny Australia.

Larisa Alexandrovna said...

Yep, it is true. Luke is one of the few bloggers I read daily and his readership is one of the reasons I do so.

How is that for congrats?

lukery said...

miguel - sunny australia sounds great.

larisa - thnx. didn't know that you regularly drop by.

the other thing i must add - apart from being smart, everyone is also really lovely and funny too :-)

LeeB said...

Larisa! So glad to see you dropped that "anonymous" shroud! Your work is wonderful.

rimone said...

lukery: apart from being smart, everyone is also really lovely...

*preens* lol, y'all don't know me very well, do youse? lovely? HAH! *in an Edna Krabapple voice*

ps, keep stroking my ego...y'never know where it'll get you. :-)

lukery said...

lol - flattery will get me everywhere.

lukery said...

LeeB - larisa's work does indeed rock.

Larisa Alexandrovna said...

Leeb: what anon shroud?

LeeB said...

Larisa, perhaps I misunderstood Luke when he f/p'd an anonymous comment from somebody who was . . . well, anonymous.
Then you popped in with a similar comment of your own above.

I haven't been here long enuf myself (I think mebbe just from sometime in late May or in June) to know if you were already here and posting under your own name. There are a few who use the anonymous mode so it can be confusing. But, whatever, I'm still happy to see you here. :-)

Kathleen said...


I love your work and regularly search for your pieces on RawStory, Alternet, etc.....

So well researched, so well articulated and presented, always clarifying to my understanding of the issues at hand.

Guys, being a congenital revolutionary, I want to do a meatspace(love that term) Yearly Lukery at the UN in Geneva.

Some 3 D rocking.

Well Simon and Rimone, how fun!!!

Larisa Alexandrovna said...

Leeb: oh okay. Well I always post under my own name when I comment in public. I have no reason to hide my opinions as I do not work for the "fair and balanced" team. I prefer the fact-based team, and when facts point to something specific, one can have some opinions.

Kathleen: thank you:) well if you live in the States, then swing by when I am doing one of my gigs. I know there is no place for my schedule at the moment. I am still trying to find a cheap computer wizard to make me a pretty home online. But Luke follows my comings and goings, so if we are in the same place, come over and say hello.

LeeB said...


So many people in so many places post anonymously for so many reasons, I usually just appreciate their comments - or not (like with trolls). You are quite correct about the benefits of being on the fact-based team. Keep up your very good work.

Check out the map - Kathleen is in Connecticut at this time of the year. :-)