Monday, August 28, 2006

Amir Taheri is back.

* there's a 2min 911pressfortruth youtube up here - it's quite representative of the whole film - lays out the facts, and demonstrates the lies. watch for Blinky's dodge, right at the end where he adds 'on such a massive scale' - there's another moment in the movie where cheney does the same thing, parenthetically adding contingency on top of contingency until the 'denial' is essentially meaningless.

* i just saw cnni interview Amir Taheri on iran - and labelled him 'an independent middle east expert.' we're screwed. the marketing has kicked into overdrive. the wsj gave him op-ed space on friday. Clifford May is wetting his pants over Taheri.
Lest ye forget, Taheri is a Benador hack - and was the one who spun the GoldStars story. see Taylor Marsh, Glenn for example.

and somehow cnni (who are usually 1000 times better than CNN) call him 'an independent middle east expert.'

update: taylor has this:
Amir Taheri is Back and the WSJ has Got Him

Surely you remember him.

He's the guy who floated the bogus Iranian badge story right before Prime Minister Olmert was to visit President Bush. The same story I blew out of the water, which the dogged reporter Larry Cohler-Esses took even further, after I got the Simon Wiesenthal Center on the record as pushing Taheri's bunk.

In fact, Taheri was so thoroughly smacked around on the incident he felt compelled to release a clarification. However, that didn't stop Bush from inviting him to the White House to get advice on Iran. No wonder our foreign policy strategy is so screwed. With people like Taheri giving us advice we hardly need an enemy.

Now Mr. Taheri is back, with a featured editorial in the Wall Street Journal. What a perfect match. Neocons and wingnuts together in print. Priceless.

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