Saturday, August 12, 2006

BBC Boycott.. (there is no Lobby)

* philly-ed:
"The immoral and ridiculous claims coming out of the Bush administration's reign of error could ultimately be responsible for the kind of casualties that al Qaeda can only dream of."

* NYT:
"The (CIFA) resignations, which were first reported Thursday in The Washington Post, are the latest sign that the scandal surrounding Mr. Cunningham, a California Republican who stepped down last fall, is still unfolding. The new departures come as the House intelligence committee is preparing its own report on corrupt favors performed by Mr. Cunningham as a member of the panel."
(thnx calipendence)

* the beeb is still referring to bojinka2 as 'alleged' - meanwhile, Brit Hume sez:
"BBC Boycott... Again?

Israel says it may resume a boycott of the BBC over what it calls the network's anti-Israeli bias. The country ended a seven-month boycott of BBC News in 2003 after the BBC appointed an independent panel to eliminate bias in its Middle East coverage. But diplomatic officials tell The Jerusalem Post the BBC is back to its old tricks, saying its reports "give the impression that the BBC is working on behalf of Hezbollah instead of doing fair journalism." And a government spokesman says the BBC is "the only international English-speaking news outlet that is downright hostile to Israel on every level," calling its reporting "similar to Al-Jazeera."

there is no lobby.

* DaddyDemocrat has some Curt Weldon comix

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