Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just 12% of Dems 'not pleased' with Lieberman result.

* AL:
"Conservative pundits and politicians have long berated anyone with the temerity to suggest that terrorism is not a problem best handled militarily. But it is manifestly obvious that fighting terrorism effectively involves mostly non-military measures. Just look at the foiled "liquid-bomb" terror plot. These bombers were set to fly out of the UK. They may have had connections to Pakistan. We're clearly not going to militarily engage either of those countries, for obvious reasons. So how can such a problem be dealt with militarily?"

* gingrich in wapo:
"In fact an Iran armed with nuclear weapons is a mortal threat to American, Israeli and European cities. If a nonnuclear Iran is prepared to finance, arm and train Hezbollah, sustain a war against Israel from southern Lebanon and, in Holbrooke's own words, "support actions against U.S. forces in Iraq," then what would a nuclear Iran be likely to do? Remember, Iranian officials were present at North Korea's missile launches on our Fourth of July, and it is noteworthy that Venezuela's anti-American dictator, Hugo Chávez, has visited Iran five times."
ummm - wasnt that iran/noko/jul4 story debunked?

* glenn:
"A new Zogby poll reveals that Democrats nationally are overwhelmingly pleased with Joe Lieberman's defeat: "It found that nearly four out of five Democrats (79 percent) were happy the former Democratic vice presidential nominee was knocked off by [Ned] Lamont ... Just 12 percent said they were not pleased with the results of the primary, which riveted political junkies across the nation. Another 10 percent of Democrats said they were not sure what to think."

And Democrats across the country overwhelmingly reject the warnings coming from the White House -- and disseminated by Lieberman supporters and certain national journalists -- that the Lieberman defeat endangers Democrats' political chances in November. Indeed, "70 percent said they think the Lamont victory makes the Democratic Party stronger heading into the important election season.""

* Ron has a Deep Thought.

* ken:
"With nearly one thousand people killed in Lebanon, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has outdone itself—spinning press releases with a mastery of the form that could bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened and cynical flack.

Exhibit one is a July 27 memo entitled “Beirut Largely Unscathed as Israel Targets Hezbollah Strongholds,”..."
Exhibit two is an August 2 press release entitled “The Bekka (sic) Valley: A Terrorist Epicenter.” This release accounted for that day's “daring commando raid by Israeli Forces” into the Bekaa Valley by saying that a wide range of terrorist groups had called the region home. “The Middle East is literally the Fraternity Row for terrorist groups,” said AIPAC's own Middle East analyst Josh Block in the press release. “[It's] similar to a university setting, terrorists from every corner of the international community have come together in the Bekaa Valley training camps to learn how to conduct lethal operations and utilize various types of weapons.”
AIPAC's goal, it seems to me, is to demonstrate that Israel's campaign in Lebanon is targeting an international, globally-linked terrorist alliance that threatens not only the Jewish state, but the West in general. By this logic, any military action Israel decides upon is incontestably necessary.

from the comments:
Lieberman won? If you don't want to be mistaken as a moron, at least take the care to get your header right."
title updated from "Just 12% of Dems 'not pleased' with Lieberman win." to "Just 12% of Dems 'not pleased' with Lieberman result."

my bad. yes, i'm a moron regardless.


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Lieberman won? If you don't want to be mistaken as a moron, at least take the care to get your header right.

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