Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bush knew

* carbon-based guest update. (firstly, kathleen asked: " Are they tracking carbon all over the carpet? " - lol)

no mention again of 911PressForTruth over dinner - but as I was leaving:
Husband: Oh - I spoke to Son today. I told him all about that movie

Me (nonchalantly): Oh - what did you say?

Husband: I told him all about it - and how he'll understand the way things are today once he sees it - about the war and all that. And about how Bush knew about the attacks before hand - and I told him this wasn't just one person's view or anything like that - because they lay it all out in the movie with all the warnings they received, and how it's all documented - and how he'll view the world differently once he see the movie.
and he went on, similarly.

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