Tuesday, August 29, 2006

candy, flowers and open arms

maha has a good post on katrina:
James Gerstenzang writes in today’s Los Angeles Times that the anniversary of Katrina presents a public relations challenge for Bush’s handlers..
But electronic and print media are running a flood of feature stories and programs with a unanimous message: The government’s response to Katrina continues to be a bloated, wasteful, inefficient mess.
If you do a news google for “Katrina” you get hit after hit with the same bleak message. What you don’t get are news stories about how President George W. Bush showed excellent leadership and expedited timely and efficient federal response to the recovery effort. And that’s because he didn’t.
The President’s recent statements on Katrina emphasise the big appropriations made by Congress for Gulf Coast recovery. But this Associated Press story by Michelle Roberts says that, so far, New Orleans has received only “$117 million for largest urban restoration in U.S. history.” This is mostly because of bureaucratic hurdles at the federal level"
i havent really been thinking about how bad this anniversary is for the egadministration - but it looks pretty bad. LeeB sent this through.

In related news, in the comments to this post - rimone and LeeB and I began talking about dancing in the streets and flowers and whatnot.

What the Dems need to do is plan a street parade for the day after the Nov elections where they will be greeted with candy, flowers and open arms. And they need to publicise it in advance.

It'd be kinda like a VE Day.

It'd be a great GOTV campaign, and it would drive a nail into the coffin of the Bush presidency.

What say you?


Dog Lover said...

You're right and oh yeah......best photo I have seen in a long time.


lukery said...

thnx zw

rimone said...

lol, 'a nail into the coffin of the bush preznitcy.'

there've been so many fucking nails now that i might as well launch a goddamn hardware site.

but yeah, come november and the good news for which i'm hoping, i'll be dancing in the street along w/y'all.

rimone said...

oh--and fucking BLASTING Bill Hicks's 'the republican beast is fuckin' DEAD!'

or course he was talking about bush 1 but AFAIC, it's still pretty damn timely after all these years. listen here; he mentions pat buchanan and rush limpet et al.

i miss him. still. and Hunter S Thompson as well. :-(

LeeB said...

After this San Diego setback, I'm thinkin' at least one of us better go whittle a big wooden stake, too. Nails in the coffin itself are good, but I'm not convinced they will be enough.

Just sayin' . . .

lukery said...

booman had a good Hunter post today

perhaps Hunter would appreciate the parody of the flowers and candy (and wouldnt be averse to the stake either)?

Kathleen said...

Speaking as a Sicilian,

I'd say go with a bunch of garlic....when you want to plant that stake. It protects against the Evil Eye and rids one of parasites, including vampires.

Maybe we could send him a lei made of garlic bulbs.

LeeB said...

Ummm . . . If we send garlic leis to the bad guys, do they work like kryptonite?

lukery said...

i think the garlic is effective on the undead.

Kathleen said...

It makes them run for their crypts and stay there.

Repels energy sappers.