Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a point of no return.

* juancole:
"That Richard Armitage was the first to mention Valerie Plame's status as a CIA operative to Novak is not very interesting. What is interesting is that Traitor Rove and Traitor Libby immediately figured out that such a leak should be spread around for partisan political purposes."

* youngturks:
"The Bushies like to point to the Northern, Kurdish section of Iraq as their example of "success." The Kurds have been lucky enough to be away from the center of conflicts and have been avle to concentrate on what they would prefer - independence. They even have their own little "terrorist" groups in Turkey and Iran, causing strife and clashing with the respective government forces.

The Kurds in Iraq disavow any control over these "rebels," but that isn't stopping Iran and Turkey from starting a shelling campaign into "Kurdistan" in an effort to "secure their borders."

What a pickle for the Bushies.

They would love to use the excuse of Iran shelling an "ally" to further their Iranian Attack Plan, but they can't vilify Iran without villifying our good friend Turkey at the same time."

* awc:
"To justify its ill-advised invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration regularly gripes about Saddam Hussein's war crimes, while cheering on Israel as it does the same thing in Lebanon and Gaza, just using different weapons."

* prather:
"Nevertheless, the members of the Cheney Cabal continue to forcefully assert – without offering any proof whatsoever – that Iran has a nuclear weapons program that has already "reached a point of no return."


Apparently because we have pledged to not use nuclear weapons against those signatories to the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons who don't already have nukes."

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