Saturday, August 12, 2006

Carl Sheeler - the new Ned Lamont?

* The RhodeIsland primary is Sep12. Can FightingDem Carl Sheeler win? Is he the new Ned Lamont?

Two interviews with him here and here.

He has the endorsement of ImpeachPac and others. Impeachpac:
"While, as a senator, Sheeler will be unable to introduce articles of impeachment, he has spoken out strongly in support of their introduction in the House, he will work to advance investigations in the Senate of the Bush Administration's crimes, and he will advocate for the creation of a special prosecutor.

Sheeler's campaign has placed billboards around the state of Rhode Island with the words "Be Patriotic: Impeach Bush" placed over the text of the U.S. Constitution. Sheeler has raised the issue three times before the Rhode Island General Assembly and has introduced a resolution that would require the state legislature to send impeachment charges to the U.S. House of Representatives. Sheeler has publicly called on his state's delegation to Congress to work for impeachment, and he has supported a coalition in Rhode Island that is working to pass impeachment resolutions in town governments. Sheeler's positions on impeachment are available here


Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

Thank you for sharing this... the REAL issue is not "W" or his impeachment as to bring awareness to the public that our Constitution is eroded everytime the Executive Branch exceeds its executive authority.

There are some who believe that pushing the issue would galvanize the GOP base. I'd argue pushing the issue would galvanize the Democratic and progressive base.

It would put the GOP on the defensive for a change and individual Congressmen and women would have to decide whether backing up "W" is worth their hides in a reelection year.

The point is that our Constitution defines what we are as Americans and was drafted to protect the weak and those in the minority.

It was not popular when the first effort to provide rights to slaves or women was pursued, but some brave souls went against prevailing wisdom to do the right thing.

It is our turn this century to decide to defend what this living document means and hold others accountable or choose to expend hours weekly to do little more than apply words with no action.

Kathleen said...

Here, here!!!