Saturday, August 12, 2006

Osama Bin Laden and George Bush have consciously colluded?

* cannon:
"For now, I would like focus on one minor aside that (Randy) Glass made in a recorded conversation which was later broadcast. Glass averred that if any government whistleblower sufficiently annoys the powers-that-be, the annoying personage will be set up on kiddie porn charges."

* cannon:
"I am not among those theorists who believe that Osama Bin Laden and George Bush have consciously colluded. But ask yourself: If they did coordinate, if they were partners -- just what, exactly, would Bush have done differently?"

* this via kathleen:
"Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont responded yesterday to Dick Cheney's suggestion that his primary upset heartened terrorists, saying the vice president was mixing up the war on terror with the invasion of Iraq.

"I just think that this Bush administration confuses a comprehensive attack on the terrorists with the invasion of Iraq," Lamont said in a telephone interview yesterday."
* swiftboating of bernie sanders:
" A national veterans group says its name is being improperly used to criticize independent U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Sanders. The Veterans of Foreign Wars issued a statement on Thursday saying it does not want its name associated with a political attack in Vermont.
The document showed up earlier this week under the heading of a “VFW Briefing.” It’s a lengthy criticism of Sanders’ voting record on military issues and veterans say it’s shown up anonymously around the state."

* for those of you interested in Rev Moon - see here and here - i don't really believe that money can buy american politicians ;-)

* Noise in the comments re Santorum:
"How about if you are a member of Congress and you refuse to do oversight because you are too corrupt to do so, you get 100 times the jail sentence any whistleblower or journalist gets for leaking evidence of criminal activities.

War profiteering. Torture. UAE port deals. No bid contracts. Privatization plans. Katrina response. Rendition. Tax cuts during wartime.

Did Santorum forget about this crap?

F Congress. Those (Republican) assholes can't be bothered to do oversight but they sure can threaten people who put their asses on the line to keep the public informed of what their government is really doing.

*rant over*"
(I think 'F' means FUCK)

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