Thursday, August 03, 2006

* josh:
"Katherine Harris, God's way of telling us that Karma is real."
* josh:
"And yes, the collapse of the neocon vision of forcible democratization does seem to glide rather effortlessly into an embrace of genocide and mass slaughter.

So mass slaughter in the service of democratization to mass slaughter in the service of mass slaughter, or what I guess we could call the transition from incidental or pragmatic genocide to a more principled genocide."

* tpmcafe:
"I just got off the phone with some political folks in Israel, including a former advisor to the Prime Minister, and I thought you might find their take on the current crisis interesting. Basically they claim the Israeli leadership feels like they’ve dug themselves into a terrible mess and would be glad for a face-saving way out. The near universal Israeli public support for the war is dropping slowly but steadily with each new day of rocket attacks (down from 95% to below 80% over the last few days) and the nine Israeli soldiers being killed was a huge shock. While Lebanese civilian casualties don’t get much airtime in Israel, the terrible tragedy in Qana has further affected appetite for the war.

The hawkish military leadership has been dragging civilian leaders into escalation by only offering them one military plan to choose from. The civilian leadership might have secretly appreciated the U.S. to come in and, like a good friend in a schoolyard fight, restrain the Israel response, but the U.S. just egged them on. This is just one more example in a long history of Americans and some Jewish diaspora communities undermining the ability of Israeli moderates to chart a sane course in Middle East peace.
We have a global petition website up on this issue at and I admit to putting a post up to shamelessly plug for it. If you support a ceasefire, please spread the word!"


Miguel said...

It's about time! Whatever happened to the Israeli Peace Movement? The initial "euphoria" of war has given way to the stark reality that Israel cannot win this war "in a matter of days".

The Israelis want a face saving way out? I say give it to them. Just stop the massacres.

Miguel said...

BTW, though I consider myself an opponent of most of what Israel does nowadays, I think Xymphora's blog is borderline antisemitic. He calls for a boycott of all Jewish businesses. Sounds a little extreme for me.

calipendence said...

Now we're seeing why Katherine Harris' staff is evacuating her campaign. Looks like she's been naughty and not told them about the grand jury subpoena she's facing for the MZM investigation!

Katherine, you must think we were blind. I could read between the lines on this issue last summer! The eggs 'r hatchin' now!

lukery said...

yeah - xymph has gone a bit nuts on this.

let's hope there's a way to stop the latest war. i'm not confident - you may have noticed that i don't think i've even mentioned any of the 'diplomatic' efforts or any of the reporting on any ceasefire etc - it was hardly worth even mentioning.

lukery said...

CalP - not only did she not tell her campaign, it appears that she didnt tell congress either.