Thursday, August 03, 2006

Name That Death Squad

* tpmm:
"In an unannounced move, the House cafeteria has removed the terms "freedom fries" and "freedom toast" from its offerings, and has reverted to using the dishes' more common names, "french fries" and "french toast.""

* digby:
"I certainly hope it isn't true that Joe Lieberman's campaign is actively courting the College Republicans to help with their canvas this week-end. There are some groups that really should be beyond the pale.
It's offensive that these people are coming out to help Joe Lieberman win a Democratic primary, and every Democrat in Connecticut should be appalled. But it is plain stupid to let these people anywhere near a Democratic campaign. Joe's consultants should be very wary."

* billmon:
"Great. Lebanon is in flames, the Iraqis are playing Name That Death Squad, the neocons want to renact Hiroshima in Iran, the Turks are talking about settling scores with the Kurds, the Taliban are cultivating their Pashtun gardens, and Bush's butler (Blair) is giving us existentialist psychobabble.

I think he may be even more deranged than his master. The other day Blair said something to the effect that he was absolutely confident -- way down in that "irreducible core" of his -- that his Middle East policies are correct. It was the sort of thing Shrub might say if he knew what the word "irreducible" means.

I remember thinking: Anyone who has even a smidgeon of knowledge about, or experience in, the Middle East, and who says he is absolutely, 100% certain he has the right answers, is either a liar, a fanatic, or Tom Friedman -- which is to say, a world-class educated fool.

Blair, unfortunately, is all three."
* tpmm:
"A few weeks ago I wrote that the House Government Reform Committee had taken the uncommon step of sending a subpoena to the Department of Defense and Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to compel the release of documents related to abuses at Abu Ghraib, and a whistleblower who reported them.

The subpoena's deadline was July 14, and according to commitee spokespeople, the Pentagon made it in time.

The committee now has "a large stack" of papers, spokesman Robert White told me, as well as a list of documents DoD would not release. "We're still looking through all the documents to see what they gave us," White told me yesterday afternoon. "There are some things they told us they excluded, for a variety of reasons, and our lawyers and their lawyers arte still talking about that."

White wouldn't give me a timetable of when the public might learn what's in those files, or what kind of documents are missing."

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