Wednesday, August 30, 2006

cocksucking cheating prick bastards

* rimone has photos.

* LeeB and Rimone are full of gags over here

* paul lehto (attorney in the CA50 case) is posting as LandShark over at DU - see here, here and here - another sad day. or as rimone eloquently put it:
" i am fucking fuming, livid, throwing things here... fucking cocksucking cheating prick bastards."
(thnx LeeB for the links, and thnx rimone for the wordpron)

am i missing anything while i catch some zzz's?

chat amongst yourelves (sic) till i awake.

ps: there's a blogger conference call with sibel and russ tice and others first thing in (my) morning (7am) - i'll probably try to check in before then, if i'm not too busy trying to make myself more edumacated.

chat amongst yerselves.


rimone said...

i have issues w/the title 'cocksucking cheating prick bastards' being right above 'rimone has photos'

isn't that like a bullshit lead-in to ultimately end in disappointment? i, for one, am totally not a cocksucking cheating prick bastard' (although i have been known to suck c-- never mind). :-)

thanks for the link--a-heh, heh, heh.

ps, i'm just goofing on you, luke.

rimone said...

Lukery: am i missing anything while i catch some zzz's?

only the best sex you'll (n)ever have. oopsy, wrong board. fuck it. :-)

ps, once again, please excuse my totally filthy mind. i just woke up (this is beginning to become my reason d'jour or whatever, whenever i post something stoopit here. i shall try to shut the fuck up in future, as to not bring down the discourse even more than i already do. :-)

lukery said...

lol - perhaps i should have moved the title to somewhere else on the page?

rimone said...

i was kidding! being the attention whore i am, y'could've headlined 'rimone sucks and blows republicans for free' and i would've been pleased.

*to self* oy...more coffee and quick!

lukery said...

you drink *coffee*?

rimone said...

only as a substitute for the amphetamines/crystal i can no longer score.

i am totally uselsess w/o my coffee (3 huge mugs in the morning and then i'm fairly 'up').

as you know, i read you while having my coffee and that helps to wake me up, sometimes sadly so.

lukery said...

i'm on the coffee all day too. it helps me stay awake - cos the news is always so boring and all that

rimone said...

i'm not on it all day--i already have way too high adrenaline levels. mornings only does the trick for me (and i stretch it out for like 3 hours; that's the time it takes for me to completely wake up).

then of course, i wish i was still asleep, thanks to the news. but still.