Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the devil went down to qana

* rimone in the comments about the dead and/or disabled children at qana:
"i saw that at Scott Horton's and threw it in my post 'the devil went down to qana' on sunday. i'm so disgusted, depressed and demoralised by this shit. i'm sure that if corporate media stressed that so many of the dead children were cripples or otherwise disabled, then the rightwing would be all 'who gives a fuck? they were terrorists anyway.'"
actually, i caught some of the local media here by accident yesterday - and it was all about the ex-disabled, now dead - and i actually started choking/laughing/spluttering in a 'jeebus - that's - some - terrible - media - could they - possibly - have fucked - things - up - even - more" kinda way - but all i hear is crickets. amy didnt even mention it.

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