Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I’d ask God to save us all, but ...

* AP:
"Turkey named a new military chief Monday who favors a tougher line against Kurdish rebels and negotiations on the secular Muslim country joining the European Union.

The change comes as the United States is pressing Turkey to contribute to a possible peacekeeping force along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Turkey, NATO's only Muslim member, had expressed a readiness to contribute troops to a peacekeeping force if there were first a cease-fire and if the force were backed by a U.N. resolution.

The European Union is pressing the country to further curb the powers of the generals, who have staged three coups between 1960 and 1980 and pressured a pro-Islamic government out of power in 1997.

Buyukanit was expected to press for a tougher line on EU reforms and Turkey's fight against autonomy-seeking Kurdish rebels.

He is also likely to adopt a harder line than Ozkok against threats to the country's secular traditions, which could lead to clashes with the Islamic-rooted government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan."

Turkey could very well be in play, again. Great news.

* Tim grieve:
"Like (Howard) Dean, ImpeachPAC comes to the table with all the right motives. And like Dean, ImpeachPAC and others who advocate the impeachment of George W. Bush are dismissed too often as moonbats and nutcases. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't speak their minds and make their cases; their arguments are strong, and we're all better off when they make them well. But there's something to be said for taking careful aim when you pull out the big guns, and we'd submit that Dean and ImpeachPAC should have thought twice before opening fire this time."
* from a dear friend via email:
"Was Condi really wearing sunnies on her head when she was meeting with the Lebanese PM? I’d ask God to save us all, but am not sure we’re worth it."


Miguel said...

As far as Turkey goes, will the Turks be audacious enough to thumb their noses in the face of the Bush Administration and just send troops into Kurdistan?

lukery said...

that's a trick question!

rimone said...

shades on her incompetent head, playing piano while Lebanon burns, buying shoes and seeing plays in nyc while NOLA drowns...if there's one thing these jokers have proved, it's that ANYone can end up in the whitehouse. thank you, SCOTUS!

lukery said...

speaking of scotus, today we hear about the ukranians finally resolving their election for months later. i really really wish that we'd waited till march 2001 to annoint 43. ukraine didnt collapse in the last 4 months.