Monday, August 14, 2006

driftglass, smcd

* driftglass, smcd:
"What I do know in the last five years the GOP qua GOP has only earned the right to be bent over a sawhorse for a pee test, a body cavity search and two quarts of scopolamine administered with a equine-grade veterinary syringe before they can be trusted to accurately report on the direction of the sun passing through the sky.

They are liars, and lying is what liars do.
Jesus. Who even listens to Republicans anymore? Really. What sort of mushpated freak actually looks at a sniveler like Roberts or a hack like Mehlman and thinks, “Yessss! These are my boys!”

I tell ya, there is a fortune to be made rolling them around the little hamlets that hug the blue highways and having them do their funny tricks in the cage between Benny Hinn and Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy."

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