Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fox: Bush Loser.

i told you that i saw the Beltway Boys - with their 'loser' graphic. i emailed c&l - we have the results.

(ahem. thnx for the shoutout, john. not.)


The Prissy Patriot said...

My heart goes out to the loser-NOT.

hee,hee good one Lukery

lukery said...

i love the pic of him lookin all preznidential - with LOSER written over the top

Kathleen said...

Freud says there are no accidents. We should make life size cardboard copies of that and charge people a dollar to throw pies at it.(shaving cream). It would be therapeutic, like having a pillow to whack or something.

Comedy Channel's Mad T.V. has a comdedian who does a great imitation of Dopey's facial expression when he thinks he got something right. It's priceless.

Richard Farr????

lukery said...

kath - would love to see that.

rimone said...

i'm kinda appalled, but totally not surprised, that he didn't credit you but that's one of the reasons i tend to avoid bigtime sites; a few years back i was getting what i thought was the real deal and first, before the US media, from EU TV and was mailing people like Atrios who appropriated my shite. fuck that--let him do his own research et al. i mean, he actually gets PAID for doing what we all do for free.

i LOVE the fact they kept 'loser' up for so long.


it only took the masses six years to wake up to that which WE already knew from the get-go.

apart from all the damage that could've been avoided, better late than never.

lukery said...

actually, i was considering retracting my comment re amato - i'm sure i wasnt the only person on the planet to watch Fox that day.

i wish he'd posted the video tho - you should have seen it - the loser thing was up there for AGES

Kathleen said...

Can we have a Tee shirt?

LeeB said...

The short answer to that is "probably yes" . . . we could have a T-shirt.

First, take the image and up the size and the resolution. Second, find out what Cafe Press would charge OR invest in the fancy transfer paper stuff to print it on then iron it on a shirt. Yes? Anybody ever done the shirt part?

Then, after looking at what I wrote above, I thought . . . put the map on the back of the shirt with the words "Member - Wot Is It Good 4 Global Strike Force" and the URL.


lukery said...

calipendence has a cafepress site

from cafepress:!PAGETYPE?sc=6&sf=101133&documentid=154868&action=view

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to create my own custom products?

Creating the products is free. Once you design your products, you can buy them at cost for yourself, for friends, for family and anyone else. Shirts, bags, mugs, and other products with your design on them will be made and shipped to you at the base price of each item.

Kathleen said...

Well sheees, Abracadabra.

I like putting our map on it, too. Is everyone happy with our title, Global Stirke Force?

Does it sound aggressive to anyone?

It's punchy, tho.