Sunday, August 20, 2006

wearing 'fuck me' stiletto heels

i'd hate for emptywheel to miss this from rimone:
"EW, you could either go barefoot or be wearing 'fuck me' stiletto heels and i'd still bow down to (and voraciously devour) what's inside your head as well as all that you've already written."
and some support from LeeB:
"EW: What Rimone said."
"what LeeB said"
and more from Rimone:
"emptywheel can absolutely do no wrong. it was just my still-immature image-thing coming out as i love to imagine those i hold in the highest esteem, giving the redstate world a 'fuck you' attitude, not only w/their intelligence, but w/their personal appearance.

then again, i live in a dreamworld here (and so happy i don't have to hide my image as i was forced to in the states, in order to be taken seriously).

now i feel guilty...i pray i haven't hurt her feelings.

ps, i haven't commented once at her site--i feel i'm too damn stoopit. there, i've said it."
me. i like the crunchy orange trainers.

and, me. i've dipped me toe in the waters at ew's place a few times, tentatively. i too feel too stupid to say anything substantive and usually just quote someone else, usually sibel (but only if someone else brings it up first)

ew rocks. i should have some more stuff (hatfill) up tomorrow where she'll teach us all something new. i havent quite got my head around it yet.


emptywheel said...

You guys are going to make me blush.

And for the record, I think the only time I've ever worn "fuck me" stilettos was when I dressed up as the Serpent from Paradise for the Castro's Halloween fun.

And of course no one should feel self-conscious about commenting over at TNH--I wouldn't be here commenting if I didn't think you guys were all really smart.

lukery said...

ummm... i got the sense that we were becoming ew's biggest cheersquad, which is kinda weird. i'm sure that folks on her home turf are more discreet than us unruly lot - but i'm sure they'd say the same.

ftr - the only time I've ever worn "fuck me" stilettos was at teh mardi gras in sydney, once or twice, and all those other equivalent parties in melbourne and san fran. but that was all. honest.

mamayaga said...

Also a big EW fan here, and I do dare to comment at Next Hurrah, if for no other reason than that EW and her co-hosts always consider their commenter's remarks seriously and courteously, often answer them, and thus a genuine discussion develops. At some other blogs that will go unnamed it's hard to get up the courage to comment for fear of being policed into silence.

Kathlkeen said...

Well silly me, I've always checked TNH since getting wigged out about Plame, Rove, Fitz, et al, and was so flipped out about the reality of reality, I just commented,here and there, without worrying about seeming wrong. If someone can set me straight when I am off base, so much the better, especially when it's done constructively. We're all just trying to comprehend the all too ugly truth. Every bit of insight is needed.

rimone said...

Lukery: the only time I've ever worn "fuck me" stilettos was at teh mardi gras in sydney, once or twice, and all those other equivalent parties in melbourne and san fran. but that was all. honest.

admit it--you've been wearing them ever since and got them on now and won't take them off until it's bedtime.

*musing* if only ew was a political candidate--she's got more brains, heart, articulation and insight than any i've encountered, especially over the last six years (i realise that 'last six years' isn't saying much but still, y'all know what i mean).

fuck Hillary--i want emptywheel to represent US.

ps, i could've died w/happiness when scanning the pics after yearlyKos when i found a tiny one of ew--i was soooo happy to finally put a (great) face to the intelligence et al.

lukery said...

yay ew. we love you. EW 4 pres!

mamayaga - whenever i comment at tnh the thread seems to die!

ew - yep - the flotsam folks i've collected over here are really smart too. i'm usually too scared to comment at my place too.

LeeB said...

Rimone: I second the motion!!

Luke: "i'm usually too scared to comment at my place too.


lukery said...

LeeB - i'm with ew - everyone here is so smart!

Kathleen said...

Stop guys or those trolls who say we think we're so smart will think they're right.

LeeB said...

Wellll, then again, things have changed over the past several weeks. In the first place, the way I read the foregoing, everybody is telling everybody else that the other guy is smart - sounds like a mutual admiration society, to me, not a gaggle of puff-up, over-inflated egos.

Any troll foolish enough to post rude comment(s) on this site, no matter how well-informed they believe themselves to be, just might be risking possible deletion and banishment by Lukery (on the grounds of being disruptive and messing up the friendly exchange of ideas and opinions that rule here).

EW rightly takes a back seat to no one in the smarts department and manages to remain calm and courteous to everyone. That is what I call setting the standard.

Respectful = Welcome
Smart+Respectful = Welcome
Smart+Rude? Go away!

Just my 2 cents . . .

lukery said...

i'll accomodate 'smart & rude' (like WakeUp)

'stupid & rude' is kinda fun to make fun of. i like fp'ing em :-)