Thursday, August 31, 2006

Freudian whistles

* rimone:
i recently read somewhere that that preznit'l gopher (forget his name--the asshole who was accepted into either harvard or yale and wasn't qualified), anyway, he's saving the whistles the preznit blows at the beginning of the whitehouse easter egg hunts. saving them for bush's library.

* kathleen responds:
"I think it's ironic and even Freudian that they are actually saving whistles that have been blown, what with the whistle blower coalition."

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rimone said...

lol, Kathleen.

the original piece i got the whistles thing from is here

'Gottesman collects artifacts for a future presidential library, down to the whistles Bush blows to start the White House Easter Egg Roll.

artifacts? like the Constitution the preznit wipes his ass w/? or maybe all those tax-payer gifts like jackets and boots w/the preznit'l insignia seal on 'em, just to make sure he won't forget who he's supposed to be.

fucking fucker.