Thursday, August 17, 2006

funny. sad. scary.

* nyt via laura:
" President Bush made clear in a private meeting this week that he was concerned about the lack of progress in Iraq and frustrated that the new Iraqi government — and the Iraqi people — had not shown greater public support for the American mission, participants in the meeting said Tuesday.
More generally, the participants said, the president expressed frustration that Iraqis had not come to appreciate the sacrifices the United States had made in Iraq, and was puzzled as to how a recent anti-American rally in support of Hezbollah in Baghdad could draw such a large crowd. “I do think he was frustrated about why 10,000 Shiites would go into the streets and demonstrate against the United States,” said another person who attended.
One participant in the lunch, Carole A. O’Leary, a professor at American University who is also doing work in Iraq with a State Department grant, said Mr. Bush expressed the view that “the Shia-led government needs to clearly and publicly express the same appreciation for United States efforts and sacrifices as they do in private.”"
funny. sad. scary.

* juancole:
"The really worrisome thing is that Bush must recognize that he is in deep, deep trouble if he is meeting with bona fide academic Middle East experts like Vali Nasr and Eric Davis. I don't think he likes academics very much, nor used, at least, to value academic ways of analysis."
I'm not sure why that is worrisome. I'm pretty sure that Blinky won't actually 'listen' - let alone 'adapt' - that's the worrisome part.


Don said...

“the Shia-led government needs to clearly and publicly express the same appreciation for United States efforts and sacrifices as they do in private.”

Ok, quick show of hands: who thinks he's moved from being stubborn into being full-blown delusional? I don't know if it was the booze or the coke, but methinks a lot of his soft gray matter just isn't as spongey as it used to be.

lukery said...


maybe we should send him to crawford for the next few friedmans.

rimone said...

lol, Lukery.

Don, i personally think he's certifiable. i used to think he was just an idiot but since that horrendous performance at the whitehouse press dinner event back in 04 when he crawled around on the floor looking for non-existent WMDs and fucking joking about it, then i knew for sure--it's like fucking Chauncy Gardner in the whitehouse but at least CG was good-hearted, but slow.

i believe i've commented here before that people should be tested emotionally and mentally to see if they're fit to run the country, /before/ they're chosen as candidates.

LeeB said...

Rimone, at this rate I'll be running out of "Amens" . . .

rimone said...

lol, LeeB.

Kathleen said...

Well, I've been waiting for the guys in the white coats to head for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for a lonnnnng time now.

His mock WMD search at the White House Press dinner was quite revealing in a Freudian way. Freud says there are no "jokes".

In fact, Dopey's mock search was quite a true statement. They never really searched for WMD's because the result of the search didn't really matter. The real search was really a mockery.

He gave himself away, right in front of the whole world, callous sadist.

LeeB said...

"He gave himself away, right in front of the whole world . . . "

Good of you to point that out, Kath. Haven't we learned that part of the pathology of certain members of the criminal class is they simply MUST claim the credit for their misdeeds at some point or other? . . . or like the terrorist groups that bomb something or somebody, then call the local press to holler, "lookee here! It was US!!!"

lukery said...

kath - remember they spent $1.2 bn 'looking' for wmd. what a debacle.

rimone said...

what absolutely floored me (worse) was that his little performance caused the whitehouse press contingent in the audience to actually LAUGH at his dumbass not-funny antics.

it was then i knew--for shit sure--we were doomed.

hooray for those of US online who were disgusted at this shit.