Thursday, August 17, 2006

grow up hating

* via anon in the comments - Mark:
"Have you ever wondered why your childhood scars survive more years than most of us care to admit? I mean, you shed your skin in little increments, every 24 hours or so. How could the scar still be there that you got when you ran into the Dalrymples' front porch, bug-eyed with terror as that mean, lurching lunatic Billy Parkinson chased you all the way from the corner store, long after you thought he'd have given up? But it's still there, zigzagging under your right knee like a lightning bolt. How? You must have shed your skin a gazillion times since that summer, but the scar reproduces itself faithfully, following some dumb tactile memory that defies the passage of time.

That's the way the children of Lebanon will grow up hating Israel."
and hating america.

* anon in the comments asked if i could change the dark background. does anyone else have trouble reading it? does anyone know how to implement a toggle-thingy so that i can offer the option to switch to dark on white?


oldschool said...

well - my two cents worth: I find the reading very easy with the dark background.

Anonymous said...

As I tell my communications classes, there's a reason paper is white and most pens are black or dark blue. Maximum contrast (and black on white) is the most readable combination. I up your page to 120 percent in Opera and it reads OK. I would toggle to black on white or similar, given the chance.

Keep up the good work.

A daily reader.

damien said...

I find your color combos very readable, somewhat of a relief after acres of black on white. Most browsers have features that let the user select their display colors according to their needs. I prefer current ones.

lukery said...

thnx oldschool and D.

Daily Reader - thnx for commenting. I've just spent a few hours trying to find a solution without much luck (same as last time this question came up) - apparently there are ways to do it on some sites - but i think i need to host the site (ie - im not sure it can be done in Blogger). Sorry about that. I'll keep a look out.

One option in Opera is to go view/style/ user mode (altho that sucks for other reasons)

I'll keep an eye for you tho.


lukery said...

Daily Reader - btw - re "there's a reason paper is white and most pens are black or dark blue" - judging from what i've read while trying to find an answer for you - apparently there's a difference between computer screens and paper in this regard - something to do with paper being reflective vs screens which specifically emit light - which, apparently again, affects the readability in different ways.